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"Irine, this is Flo."
"...Come in."


A voice brought Irine out from her deep thoughts, relieving the tight tension for a moment.
As she turned her eyes, she saw a man with a long horizontal scar on his face coming in through the door.
Seeing the tension and stress on Irine's face, Flo held his tongue and waited.


"You can speak, Flo."
"The Empyrean Allied Forces are ready to go into battle. And... Juvenil is waiting outside."
"Juvenil... I see. So, it's finally ready."


They went outside right away. There, they found Juvenil, Oscar, and the things that would change the tide of this war.
The three Anti-Bakal Weapons, so named because they were designed only to kill Bakal, could be seen in all their imposing splendor.
Oscar, who was checking the weapons for the final time, greeted Irine.


"Oh, you're here! Hah hah hah!"
"How are the Weapons?"
"Perfect. As long as we transfer them to the right spot, they will destroy any dragon."
"I see. I am grateful for all your hard work."


Relieved by Oscar's words, Irine looked to Juvenil next to him.
Juvenil didn't notice her since he was lost in thought while staring at the Anti-Bakal Weapons.




Hearing Irine call him, Juvenil turned his eyes to Irine and looked at her silently. 


"Is everything ready now?"
"...Yes. We have prepared everything we could."
"I see. Then, it is time for us to become the firestorm that will finally devour Bakal."


Irine gazed at Juvenil, Oscar, Flo, Rosa, and every soldier of the Empyrean Allied Forces who was looking at the hope of Empyrean.


"Rosa. The operation?"
"Everything's ready to go."


Hearing what Rosa said, Irine closed her eyes as if to carve the people she just saw into memory. After this day, she might never meet again. 
She recalled the people who had sacrificed their lives, who are with her now, and Sarah, who is staking her life next to Bakal at this very moment. Finally, she opened her eyes.
Every piece has been prepared, so they have to win this war.


"Now, let us hold the final operations meeting before beginning our assault."

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