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  • The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid content will be added.
  • The exclusive The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid channel will be added.
    • You can enter it after completing the Level 110 Act quest, A Very Small Difference.
  • <The Machine Revolution : Bakal Raid> can be entered on the same days as <The Machine Revolution : Total War>.
  • <The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid> will be temporarily open starting from after the updated until 09:00, APR 6 UTC. <The Machine Revolution: Total War> will not be open during this time.
  • The Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid consumes your Weekly Entry count when you start the content.




Content Info

Entry Level: 110

  • Characters below Level 110 can't enter.


Participants: 12

  • Up to 12 characters can play together.


Fame Requirement: 40,047

  • Characters below 40,047 Fame can't enter.


Entry Fatigue Cost: None

  • No Fatigue is required to enter the content.


Weekly Entry Limit: 1

  • Your Weekly Entry count will be decreased at the beginning of the content.


Weekly Reward Count: 1

  • This content shares its Reward count with the Machine Revolution: Total War.
  • Your Weekly Reward count will be decreased when you receive a reward.
  • You can't enter the content if you have 0 Weekly Reward count left.
    - This applies even if you still have some Weekly Entry count left.
  • You must defeat at least 3 Boss monsters to get the Weekly reward.
    - The Boss Defeat count is recorded per party member.
    - If you don't meet this condition, you can't get the reward. In this case, only your Weekly Entry count will be decreased without your Weekly Reward count.
    - Your Weekly Entry and Reward Count limits will be reset on Tuesday at 9:00 UTC.




Content Entry

  • Clear the Level 110 Act quest, A Very Small Difference, to enter the Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid.
    - You can enter the Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid channel at 40,047 Fame or higher.
  • You can enter the content through NPC Commander Irine in the Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid channel.
    - You can create a party through Commander Irine in the channel or the Look for Party UI.
    - You can start the content through Commander Irine in the Raid Group Lobby.
  • Inherited Flame's Will is required. (Purchasable at the Raid Shop)
    - You can buy this admission ticket with 50 Golden Beryl at the Raid Shop.




Content Rules


  • Some time after you start the Raid, the Dragon King's Conflagration gauge will start increasing.
    - You'll fail the content if you let it reach 100%.
       - If you fail, you'll get a free admission ticket (Inherited Flame's Will) via Mail.
  • If you're eliminated during a battle or retreat from it, then you'll be temporarily restricted from fighting again.
  • If you retreat after encountering Bakal, then you'll also be temporarily restricted from encountering him again.
  • Skill cooldown will not be reset if you resurrect with Life Tokens.
  • All the dungeons require Party mode.
  • Certain character skills weaken in the Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid dungeons.
    - Applicable Skills: Nen Guard, Ultimate Nen Guard, Nen Compress, Ice Walls, Ice Shield, Slow Heal, Cure, Fountain of Life, Healing Wind, Healing Prayer, and Meticulous Stitching
  • You can check more detailed information about these skills in the Bakal Raid channel.


Area Buff

  • The exclusive Raid Channel buff, Empyrean's Will, will be added.
    - This Empyrean's Will buff will be applied to the content channel village, the Sky's Wish Gate.
       - It increases STR and INT upon entering dungeons.
       - The stat bonuses by Empyrean's Will will not affect Buffer characters' Buff skills.
  • The exclusive Raid Channel debuff, Dragon King's Suppression, will be added.
    - Freeze/Stun/Petrification/Sleep Tolerances -30%


In-content Consumables

  • You can buy Consumables you can use within the content through NPCs Commander Irine, Spitfire Flo, Juvenil, Sarah Wane, and Rosa Jurgen.
    - Certain Consumables share their use limits.     
  • You can get the following items upon clearing the dungeons.



Max Carrying Limit

Standard-Issue First Aid Kit

Restores 30% of HP/MP.
Cancels all harmful Abnormal Status effects.
Can be used at all Levels.
Shares cooldown with items of the same kind.

For the Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid dungeons only.
Will be deleted on Tuesdays at 9:00 UTC.


Portable OP Pack

Movement Speed +30% and Jump +20 for 30 sec.

For the Machine Revolution: Bakal Raid dungeons only.
Will be deleted on Tuesdays at 9:00 UTC.


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