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The New Genesis Chapter 4


Each god went their own way to fulfill their mission.

One of those gods will become the rampaging one.

He shall dare to dominate, but the repressed rage will turn into a spear to pierce him,

and his death will give birth to the green that will feed every living creature.

Another god, in whose mouth dwells an enormous life and earth,

shall have scars repeatedly carved upon the body,

from which the water dwelling in heaven will be born.

Another will dwell at a place away from the chains of earth and cause a disaster with thousands of knives,

but he shall be pressed down by unfathomable weight and die.

This will give birth to the water on earth.

The sacrifice of the two who are one shall create the source of life.

He who puts out the flame of life with putrid breath will soon shed new blood over the festering lands.

Putridness shall be purified by putridness, leading to the creation of lucidness.

Putrid darkness and lucid brightness shall be advent, which is the beginning of night and day.

And a god rose from the dead, burning with anger, his body pierced all over by the chain of betrayal.

Another god joined his fight, carrying a crucifix on his back, but they were stopped by a blade.

Their fall shall sprinkle faith and bloom love upon heaven and earth.

Another god will try to swallow the colossal fire,

but he shall kneel and perish as the steel guarding the fire will destroy his heart.

His end shall bring warmth to earth, creating the base for lives.

Another will build a tower made of earth and climb it in search of light,

but he shall plunge before reaching the end.

His end shall be fragments of the light, which will illuminate the dark night.

Another god will soar and seek to dwell in the air,

but each of the two who are one shall pierce each other,

and the one who had become two shall be merged into the new one,

which will cost their dwelling and drag them down to earth.

The tears they shed will dry up and scatter, which will be the first breath and return to the origin.

Another one will stand upon the vast earth and fight against the blade sharpened with tampered steel,

but he shall sacrifice himself to fulfill his calling.

His end shall give all living creatures the power to raise themselves up.

The last god will carve everything on the Eternal Slate and perish.

From this point on, everything will be remembered and recorded.

The sacrifice of many gods will usher in a new world, and only two of the twelve will be left.

They are he who is feared even by Death and she who hides resplendent dew.

They will not perish, but remain forever.

Only through their sacrifice shall the creation be completed,

and only from them shall the ones who will praise the great be born.

This is the beginning of the new world.

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