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Fusion Weapon Crafting

  • You can create Fusion weapons through the following NPCs' Equipment Fusion → Craft/Option Change menu.
    - NPC Mystical Grimoire located in Seria's Room
    - NPC Flexible Armory located in the Temporary Post.
    - NPC Flexible Armory at the Sky's Wish Gate
    - NPC Flexible Armory in the Bakal Raid channel
    - NPC Holy Grail of Contradiction in Lemidia Basilica
  • Creating a Fusion weapon requires 1 Dying Trust weapon, 1 Frozen Resistance weapon, and 1 Berserk Tenacity weapon, and you can select the weapon type you want.
    - The material weapons don't have to be of the same kind.
    - Reinforced, amplified, refined, or enchanted equipment can't be used as material.
    - The following materials are required for Fusion weapon crafting.



Dying Trust Weapon


Frozen Resistance Weapon


Berserk Tenacity Weapon


Golden Beryl


Power Essence


Dragon Conflagration



  • Each Fusion weapon has 2 Bakal Fusion options, which are determined at the time of its crafting.

Fusion Weapon Crafting UI

Crafted Fusion Weapon


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