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Equipment Repair

Equipment Repair Improvements

  • Gold in your Account Vault will be able to be used for equipment repair.



  • The following systems will allow for equipment with insufficient durability to be fixed when being used.
    - Using Reinforcement items, Amplification items, Refinement items, Amplification Grimoires, Conversion Spells
    - Fusion Weapon Crafting
    - Equipment Sealing
    - Auction Hall
    - Recipes
    - Valor Equipment Option Modification



  • The following security measure will be added according to equipment repair improvements.
    - Security service verification will no longer be required when adding or withdrawing items/Gold from your Account Vault.



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DFO Time Converter

DFO’s server use’s UTC as the standard time.

However, you can use this feature to convert

the UTC time to your local time.

This will allow you to keep track of important things

such as start/end of events, expiration of

event/sale items, etc. in your local time.

This setting will only be applied to the current

browser you are accessing from.

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Local Time
Local Time

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