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Raid System

Winning Conditions

  • Subjugate Bakal the Cruel King of Dragons
  • To fight Bakal, you first must defeat Death Dragon Spirazzi, Ice Dragon Skasa, and Berserk Dragon Hismar.
    - Bakal's HP is locked. It'll be released gradually as you defeat Spirazzi, Skasa, and Hismar.

Cruel Dragon King's Main Hall

Death Dragon's Soul Palace

Berserk Dragon's Destroyed Palace

Ice Dragon's Frozen Palace




Losing Conditions

  • You'll fail the content if you let Cruel King of Dragons' Conflagration reach 100%.
  • Cruel King of Dragons' Conflagration will increase under the following circumstances.
    - It will start increasing some time after you enter the Raid.
    - It will increase more quickly if there's no party in the Cruel Dragon King's Main Hall.
    - It will increase significantly if you let a Marcher monster reach your Operation Base.
    - It will increase regularly if you don't enter the Death/Ice/Berserk Dragon dungeon after the dragon wakes up.




How to Enter the Dungeons

  • You can enter them manually or through Flughafen.
    - Only your party leader can operate Flughafen.

Dungeon Entrance



  • If your party leader reaches the path gate, the entire party will enter the dungeon with them.
  • When you use Flughafen, the accessible areas will be displayed. Your party leader can click a place to enter it.
  • Certain areas can only be accessed after it's cleared of monsters and deactivated.
    • Hollow Soul Depot (Nine-tailed Blona)
    • Cruel King of Dragons' Main Hall Entrance (Magic Dragon Basilisk)
    • Fixed Pond (Gherda of the Ice)
    • Ruin's Flower Garden (Wicked Dragon Nympha)

  • When your party member reaches the dungeon entrance, the entire party will enter the dungeon with them.
    - All the party members must be in the same map.
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