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Talisman Skill Range Options Improved

Talisman Skill Range Options Improved

  • The following skills will now continue to receive Range bonuses even when you're equipped with Talismans.


Applicable Skills/Talismans

Characters Skill Talisman
Soul Bender Ghost Slash: Overdrive Soul Grinder
Capella's Stigma: Soul Grinder
Nen Master (M) Electric Energy Sphere Dry Lightning
Capella's Stigma: Dry Lightning
Striker (M) Dragon Kick Fiery Onslaught
Capella's Stigma: Fiery Onslaught
Grappler (F) Wild Cannon Spike Hyper Cannon Spike
Capella's Stigma: Hyper Cannon Spike
Ranger (M) Wipe Out Capella's Stigma: Bullet Storm
Launcher (M) Seismic Wave Capella's Stigma: Earthquake Crush
Mechanic (F) Frisbee Spinning Blade
Capella's Stigma: Spinning Blade
Elemental Bomber Convergence Cannon Capella's Stigma: Deadly Cutting Ball
Summoner Contract: Big Sis Louise! Archmage Louise
Capella's Stigma: Archmage Louise
Avenger Disaster Disaster Rhapsody
Capella's Stigma: Disaster Rhapsody
Crusader (F) Miracle Shine Capella's Stigma: Michael's Holy Globe
Elven Knight Vanguard Strash Vanguard Splash
Capella's Stigma: Vanguard Splash
Harbinger of Life Warmth of Life
Capella's Stigma: Warmth of Life
Faithful Breakthrough Ancient Union
Capella's Stigma: Ancient Union
Chaos Smash Brawl Capella's Stigma: Endless War
Impaler Falling Death Capella's Stigma: Beyond the Void
Hitman Tactical Offensive Capella's Stigma: Retreating Fire
Secret Agent Annihilation Capella's Stigma: Mission - Extermination
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