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Equipment Related Systems

Lv. 110 Equipment Upgrade

  • An upgrade system will be added to upgrade equipment items from Level 105 to 110.
    - Level 105 Epic equipment at Option Level 80 can be upgraded to Level 110.
    - Can be upgraded through the Upgrade Lv. 110 Equipment menu of the new NPC, Scholar Riki, or the Mystical Grimoire in Seria's Room.
  • The upgrade requires the following.
    - Golden Beryl x300
    - Pale Mist x75
    - 200,000 Gold
  • Equipment upgraded to Level 110 will be changed as follows.
    - The prefix, "Seon," will be added to the name.
    - Option Level will be changed to 1, and can grow to a maximum of 40.
    - Additionally increases Damage Value +2,048, Buff Power +192, and Adventurer Fame +113.
    - The following icon mark/border effects and tooltip text colors will be applied.

Option Level


Tooltip Text Color

1 - 9

10 - 19

20 - 29

30 - 39



  • Other features of the Level 110 equipment include the following.
    - The Skill Atk. bonus that was applied to Level 105 equipment at Option Level 80 will now always be applied.
    - The Reinforcement/Amplification/Refinement systems cost the same as Level 105 equipment, and the resulting stat/Adventurer Fame bonuses are the same.You can freely use the Option Growth/Transfer/Level Transfer systems between Level 105 and 110 equipment. (But option levels can't be transferred from Level 105 to 110.)
    - If you use Level 110 equipment as a growth material for Level 105 equipment, the resulting equipment will be Level 105 at Option Level 80.
    - If Level 110 equipment is used as a Level Transfer material for Level 105 equipment, the resulting equipment will be Level 110 status, and the material equipment will be Level 105 at Option Level 1.
    - For cost, the Option Growth system increases with the option level of the material equipment, and the Option Transfer/Level Transfer system costs the same as Level 105 equipment.
  • The transcendence requires Pale Mist instead of Golden Beryl.
    - The option level will be retained after transcendence.
    - Level 105 equipment will also retain its option level upon transcendence.
    - Upon transcendence, the item will be moved to your Account Vault.
  • Can't be registered for Single-use Growth Tickets with option level restrictions.



Custom Option Book

  • The Custom Option Book system will be added.
    - You can open this system UI through the Esc menu, DFOpedia, hotkeys, and more.
    - When you disassemble Custom Epic equipment or use it as an Option Growth/Transfer material, all your Custom options will be automatically added to the Book.
  • Not applied to the Sacrosanct Area items.
  • Custom options registered in the Book are stored on a per-character basis.
    - If you register an option more than once, its count will be displayed.
  • For Custom options that can be applied to multiple equipment parts, they will be registered in the Book based on their original part.
  • The Book will display the Damage Value/Buff Power values at Option Level 1 and, for Inherent options, the icon for the equipment.
  • For options that you have bookmarked in DFOpedia, you will see a bookmark in the upper right corner.
  • Click the button in orange text at the bottom of the UI to open the relevant system UI.
    - Option Transfer (View) → Option Transfer System
    - Select Custom Epic Equipment (View) → Custom Epic Equipment Selection System
  • Here are some UI examples for this system.


  • Options registered in the Custom Option Book can be used for the following features. (For the Mist Gear Equipment Conversion system, please refer to the related announcement.)



Option Transfer System

When using the existing Option Transfer system, you can transfer a Custom option that you have in your Book, and it will be deducted from your total.

When you open the Option Transfer UI, you will be given the ability to select the options you have in your Book.

Warped Dimension Energy Pouch Exchange

You can spend 5 identical options in your Book to get 1 Warped Dimension Energy Pouch.

  • This item creates a chance of generating up to 10 Warped Dimension Energy.
  • You can buy 1 Warped Dimension Cube from the Mystical Grimoire Shop in Seria's Room for 10 Warped Dimension Energy.
  • For options that you have bookmarked in DFOpedia, you must un-bookmark them before you can exchange them.



Mist Gear Equipment Conversion System

  • Mist Gear/Refined Mist, the convertible Custom Epic equipment, will be added.
  • Here are the details for each piece of equipment.


Mist Gear

Refined Mist Gear

Icon Mark/Tooltip

Conversion Range

Options only

Equipment types, parts, options

How to Get

Low chance to drop in the following dungeons, with separate drop effects

  • White Cloud Valley (All Difficulties) 
  • Solidaris (All Difficulties)
  • Mediator of Balance

No limit per character

Can be exchanged for 1,000 Dim Floating Stones (Dim Floating Stone Collection quest)
1 per character

Option Growth

Usable, but not as a material

Usable, but not as a material

Option Transfer

Not usable

Not usable

Option Level Transfer



Disassemble Equipment

Additionally yields Account-bound Material items when disassembled
  Mist Gear Part

Can't be disassembled.

Equipment Transcendence

Usable, but requires additional 4 Mist Gear Parts
- Can't be transcended with One-shot Transcendent Stone [Epic].

Not usable

Drop Effect

Not dropped


  • Mist Gear Equipment Conversion system will be added.
    - You can open this system UI through the Mystical Grimoire in Seria's Room menu, the button at the bottom of the Custom Epic Book UI, and more.
    - You can convert Mist Gear/Refined Mist Gear equipment using the options you have in your Book.
  • For items with enhancements, you can use the system as described below.
  • Refined Mist Gear
    -  Conversion to other parts is only available for Level 105 equipment at Option Lv. 1 with no fusion or enhancements.
    -  Conversion to the same part is available regardless of the equipment upgrade, option levels, fusion, or enhancements.
  • Mist Gear
    -  Can be converted regardless of the equipment upgrade, option level, fusion, or enhancements.
    - There's no limit to the number of conversions.


  • Here are some UI examples for this system.



Mist Gear Set Effect

  • The “Mist Walker” set effect will be added to the following equipment.
    - Refined Mist Gear
    - Mist Gear
    - Pure Mist Gear


  • Applies the following options upon equipping a set.

Shared Options

Buffer Exclusive Options

2 Set

Skill Atk. +3%


Casts a shield equal to 10% of your HP on your party members every 20 sec. (Duration: 20 sec.)

4 Set

Movement Speed +15%

Applies the “Mist Spectrum” effect upon entering a dungeon.

All skill range +10%



Mist Infusion/Extraction

  • The Mist Infusion/Extraction system will be added.



Mist Infusion

  • Mist infusion can be applied to Custom Option equipment or Sacrosanct Area equipment by using “Mist Gear Parts.”
    - Equipment infused with Mist will be changed to “Pure Mist Gear” and will be affected by the Mist Gear set effect.
    - Sacrosanct Area equipment can be infused with Mist after being unsealed.
    - Sacrosanct Area equipment that has become “Pure Mist Gear” cannot be sealed again, but can be sealed again after using Mist Extraction.
  • “Pure Mist Gear” will provide “Mist Gear Parts” upon being disassembled, and will not be able to use the “Mist Gear Equipment Conversion” system.
  • Mist Infusion can be accessed through the following NPCs.
    - NPC Mystical Grimoire located in Seria’s Room
    - NPC Inventor “Sweetie” Tehiti located in Clearmist
  • Mist Infusion consumes the following materials.
    - Mist Gear Parts x1
    - Gold x250,000



Infusion Target Equipment

Main Material

Resulting Equipment



Mist Extraction

  • Mist can be extracted from “Pure Mist Gear” equipment to separate the original equipment and materials.
  • Mist Extraction can be accessed through the following NPCs.
    - NPC Mystical Grimoire located in Seria’s Room
    - NPC Inventor “Sweetie” Tehiti located in Clearmist
  • Mist Extraction does not consume any materials.



Custom Option Visibility Improvement

  • Depending on the option information on the equipment you're equipped with, the following Guide effects will be added for Custom options that provide more powerful effects than the others when equipped.
  • For Buff characters, this also applies to options with 500 or more Buff Power at Option Level 1.

Equipment Tooltip

When registered in the Cube UI


  • Equipment with 3 or more options that have these highlighting effects will have the following additional effects.
    - A special effect will be added to the icon.
    - Inventory - Equipped Equipment - Equipped Item Info Tab will display a separate icon, which will display a list of options for that equipment when hovered over.
    - Also applied to other players' information.
  • These effects are applied when the item is obtained in a dungeon or from a Cube.
    - The Drop Effect enhancement will also be applied to the Party Window.
  • An enhanced Confirmation window will appear when the item is disassembled or used as an Option Growth/Transfer material.
  • Examples of each effect are shown below.

Icon Special Effects
(Top: Equipment with 3 highlighting effect options)
(Bottom: 4 highlighting effect options)

Equipped Item Info

Dungeon Drop

Obtained from a Cube



Custom Option Notation Improvements

Combination Equipment Improvements

  • Existing Combination Equipment will be improved and new Combination Equipment will be added.
  • The following Bleeding/Poison/Burn/Shock Combination Equipment will now be categorized as Damage-type Abnormal Status Common Equipment.
  • Belt of Promise and A Step toward Hope

Existing Combination Equipment Improvements

New Combination Equipment Added

* Universal Combination
* Object Combination
* Mana Shield Combination
* MP Overconsumption Combination
* Bleeding/Poison/Burn/Shock Combination Equipment
* Damage-type Abnormal Status Common Equipment
* Sleep Buff Combination
* Petrification Buff Combination

* Burn/Freeze Combination
* Single Hit Combination
* Neutralize Combination
* Cube Overconsumption Combination
* Movement Combination
* 4 Self-CC Combination
* Skill Range Combination
* Buffer Combination


  • You can check each Combination Equipment as follows.
    - Search for equipment in DFOpedia
    - Leveling/Equipment Guide > Goal Equipment > Recommended Equipment
    - View Combination Equipment in the Equipment tooltip. (Default Hotkey: F8)

DFOpedia - Equipment - Search Tags

Leveling/Equipment Guide > Goal Equipment > Recommended Equipment

Equipment Tooltip Combination Equipment (F8)



Custom Option Tag Improvements

  • In Custom Options, Combination Equipment options searchable by tag will be improved.
    - Combination Equipment options searchable by tags will now be synchronized with the Custom Option highlighting effect for Setting Special Equipment.
  • Example: Look up the Bleeding Combination tag in Custom Option > Select the Bleeding damage +10% option
    → The Bleeding damage +10% option will be highlighted when a Bleeding Combination item, Black Flower Binding Bracelet, is equipped.
  • Universal Combination searches for options that are universally available, regardless of the combination.
    - Example Option: All Elemental Damage +18/Fire Damage +20
  • Buffer Combination searches for options that are useful for the Buffer classes.
    - Example Option) Physical/Physical/Magical Critical +7%, All Abnormal Status Tolerances -10% (Buff Power 509)

If Searching for the Mana Shield Combination Tag

If Searching for the Universal Combination Tag



Custom Option Combinations and Elemental Tags Added

  • If equipment has at least 3 Combination Equipment/Universal Options, the related Custom Option Combination tags will be displayed in the item's tooltip.
  • If the corresponding Universal options include the Single Elemental Damage option, the elemental tag will be added.


  • Custom Option Combination Tags
    - Tags will be activated based on the equipment you're equipped with.
    - If all of the Combination tags are disabled, the message, "Combination equipment required," will appear.
    - Custom Option tags will be disabled for the Buffer classes regardless of what equipment they are equipped with, and no text about the settings will appear, either.


  • Elemental Tags
    - Tags will be activated based on your character's highest Elemental Damage value.
    - Elemental tags will be disabled for the Buffer classes regardless of their Elemental Damage values.


If all Elemental Damage values are the same or Water Damage is the highest

Black Flower Binding Bracelet (Bleeding) Equipped

Black Flower Binding Bracelet (Bleeding) Not Equipped


If Water Damage is not the highest

Black Flower Binding Bracelet (Bleeding) Equipped

Black Flower Binding Bracelet (Bleeding) Not Equipped


  • Items with Custom Option combinations and elemental tags will display a warning when used for the Disassembly/Growth/Transfer systems.



Custom Options Highlighting Improvements

  • Universal Dealer options will be additionally highlighted.
    - Forest Witch Belt: Targets within 500 px and Skill Atk. bonus as per Neutralize Gauge
    - Forest Witch Ring: Skill Atk. bonus as per Neutralize Gauge
    - Blue Beryl Armlet: Self-inflicted Abnormal Statuses and TP
    - Blue Pirate Necklace: Range bonus
    - Blue Pirate Earrings: MP
  • Equipment with the related options will now highlight the following options.
    - Self-inflicted Abnormal Status effects
    - Skill range
    - TP
  • Some options will now require Death-Ridden Armor instead of Bound Freedom for their highlighting effect.
    - Options for when HP is 40% or lower
    - Options during Berserk
    - Utility options for Buffers and Level 105 equipment at Option Level 1 with 504 or higher Buff Power will be highlighted.


  • Now, if the options below are on a single item, only one of them will be highlighted.
    - Accessory Common: Abnormal Status-related Damage Value options
    - Ent Spirit Ring: Damage Value option for when HP is 50% or higher
    - Deep Diver Special Equipment: Damage Value option upon decreasing Neutralize Gauge



Equipment Trait System

  • The Equipment Trait system will be added.
  • You can open this system UI through the Esc menu or the new system button in the Inventory UI.
    - Other characters' Trait information can be viewed through the new button in the character's Info window.
  • You can get Trait Points based on the total option levels of Level 110 Epic items you're equipped with, and you can select 1 Trait option per Trait Point. (5 total per character.)
    - If you newly earn Trait Points or leave them unused, a System message will be displayed to notify you.
    - While a Trait option is in effect, if you unequip an Equipment item and your option level total temporarily drops below the threshold, then, the Trait option will be temporarily disabled.
  • The detailed criteria for earning Trait Points are as follows.

Lv. 110 Epic Equipment

Cumulative Trait Points

Option Level Total: 1


Option Level Total: 120


Option Level Total: 240 3
Option Level Total: 360 4

Option Level Total: 480



  • The Sacrosanct Area equipment grants 4 Sacrosanct Energy per level between Option Levels 61 - 70. (Maximum of 40 per part)
  • Sacrosanct Energy is treated in the Talent system the same as the Option Level value of Level 110 Epic Equipment items, as shown below.


Equipped Parts

Option Level

All-Part Option Level Total

Earned Trait Points

Case 1

11 Parts of Lv. 110 Epic

11 Parts Total: 220

(= 220 +12)


1 Part of Sacrosanct Area


= 12 Sacrosanct Energy
= Lv. 110 at Epic Option Lv. 12

Case 2

8 Parts of Lv. 110 Epic

8 Parts Total: 196

(= 196 + 12 + 8 + 20 + 4)


4 Parts of Sacrosanct Area

63/62/65/61 each part

= 12/8/20/4 Sacrosanct Energy
= Lv. 110 Epic at Option Lv. 12/8/20/4


  • To select a Trait option, you must first select one of the categories at the top.
  • 6 categories are available: Abnormal Status, Manage MP, Util, Skill, Controls/Survival, and Buffer.
    - You can't select Trait options from more than 2 categories at the same time.
    - The Trait options in the Buffer category can only be selected by Buffer characters.
  • Each category has a total of 16 Trait options.
    - You can't select more than 2 Trait options that are in the same Option Level band (same horizontal line) at the same time.
  • Based on the options in your equipped items, the system will automatically recommend the best Trait options for you to utilize.
  • Here are some UI examples for this system.


  • Selecting/changing Trait options requires the following cost per option for all options.
    - Golden Beryl x150
    - Pale Mist x260
    - 125,000 Gold



Leveling Guide

  • The Leveling Guide system ill be added.
  • When you reach Level 110, a button will be added to the Quest Guide area on the right side of the HUD to open the corresponding system UI. (You can also open it through the Esc menu.)
  • The existing Equipment Guide UI and the new Leveling UI will be merged into the Leveling/Equipment Guide UI.
  • Leveling Guide, Dungeon List, and Goal Equipment will be divided into tabs.
  • Recommendation text will be added to the top of the Goal Combination Equipment title within the Leveling/Equipment Guide UI.
  • Parts of the Goal Combination Equipment will be changed and the related missions will be changed accordingly.


Here's an UI example for this system.


  • Here's a breakdown of the UI structure/functions.

UI Area



Uppermost right

Total Completion Gauge

You can see how many missions you've completed for each Fame bracket out of the total.

Uppermost left

Recommended Equipment Combination Name

For each class, the recommended equipment combination will be automatically displayed.

Top left

Equipment Type Selection Dropbox

The list of items for the recommended equipment combinations is divided into Inherent, Custom, and Fusion, so you can select and change them yourself. For some classes, you can additionally select a weapon type and the weapon items will be displayed according to that type.
(Example: Physical Exorcist - Aspect-devoured Battle Axe. Magical Exorcist - Aspect-devoured Rosary)

Middle Left

Equipment Icon for Each Part

The icons for items that correspond to the recommended equipment combinations will be displayed per part, and the tooltips for those items will be displayed when you hover over them.

For items that you already own, the equipment icon will be marked with a related mark so that you can identify them.

Bottom left

Adventurer Fame Bracket

Based on your Adventurer Fame bracket, the right side of the UI will display a list of missions that are appropriate for that bracket. 

Center topmost

Mission Type Selection Button

Missions are categorized by type into Equipment, Enchantment, Dungeon, and Others, and you can manually select them to see only missions of that type.

Main Area

Mission Details

The content you must complete to set up the equipment combination will be guided in a mission format, with rewards for completing the mission.

Rewards are mostly items that help you grow your equipment, as well as some temporary Cash items like titles and Creatures.

You can get additional information by clicking the NPC Location Guide, Equipment/Guide Quests, or DFOpedia buttons in the bottom right corner of each mission description.  



Equipment Option Growth System Integration

  • The Normal Growth system will be deleted and merged into the Full Growth system, and the Equipment Option Growth system UI structure will be changed accordingly.




  • Equipment option growth costs for some Option Level brackets will be adjusted as follows.
  • The costs below include the existing base costs.

Option Lv.





Golden Beryl


Power Essence

Golden Beryl


Power Essence

61 - 65







66 - 70







71 - 75







76 - 80







  • The Great Success efficiency of equipment growth will be rescaled.
  • Due to the Equipment Growth System and Equipment Option Level integration, the same option cost discount will no longer be applied.


Equipment Engraving/Inheritance System Integration

  • The Engraving system will be deleted and merged into the Inheritance system.
  • Inheritance will include the existing Engraving effect at no additional cost.
  • The system UI will be synchronized to match the changes.






Option Level Change System Improvements - Sacrosanct Area Equipment

  • You can extract Sacrosanct Area equipment using the Single-use Sacrosanct Area Equipment Extractor item, which can be purchased from Gabriel's Secret Shop in the Mediator of Balance dungeon.
  • Sacrosanct Area Energy Crystal can be extracted.


  • The Option Level Change system's resulting probabilities will be changed as follows.



Option Lv. +2


Option Lv. +1


Same Option Lv.


Option Lv. -1



  • The Option Level Change system's cost will be changed as follows.

Option Level Range

Sacrosanct Area Energy Crystal


Golden Beryl

Power Essence

1 - 30





31 - 50





51 - 60





61 - 70







Advanced Dungeon Entry Method Change

  • The Play Point system/shop will be deleted and no longer available for earning or spending.
    - Any Play Points you currently have will be removed on February 20 at 9:00 UTC.
  • The following Advanced dungeons will be grouped together, with a default number of entries per week.
    - These entries will be reset every Tuesday 09:00 UTC.
    - The tickets for each dungeon group will be changed, but tickets you already have will continue to function as they always have, ignoring the dungeon group.


Dungeon List

Default Entry Count

(For additional entries after all the default entries are used)

Dungeon Group 1

Noblesse Code: Dusk

Destroyed Castle of the Dead

The Meister's Laboratory

6 total weekly

 Advanced Dungeon Ticket
(35,000 Fame or Lower)

Dungeon Group 2

Noblesse Code

2 weekly

Noblesse Code Ticket

Dungeon Group 3

White Cloud Valley


2 total weekly

White Ocean Advanced Dungeon Tickets


  • These new tickets will be available through the existing content that provides Ticket items.
  • But the NPC Shops will no longer sell Tickets. (Gabriel's Secret Shop included)
  • The Character Level 110 reward will be changed.



Noblesse Code (Normal) Ticket x1

Noblesse Code: Dusk (Normal) Ticket x1

Destroyed Castle of the Dead (Normal) Ticket x1

Advanced Dungeon Ticket (35,000 Fame or Lower) x2

Noblesse Code Ticket x1

Storm's Wrath (Normal) Ticket x50



Other Changes

  • The Inventory > Equipped Equipment > Option Lv. Info tab will be deleted.
  • The DFOpedia - Transfer Option tab feature, Beginners' Recommended Transfer Options, will be removed.
  • Some of the content in the DFOpedia - Game Terminology tab will be synchronized to match the changes made.
  • Commas will be added for numbers over 1,000 units in the Level 105 Equipment UI.
  • Some Guide quests will be synchronized for the updated systems.
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