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Normal Dungeon


  • Certain objects in the Metro Center dungeons have been relocated.
  • The following changes have been made to the Metro Center monster patterns.


Time Square

  • Spider Bot Rider

- During Jump attacks, it now enters Super Armor mode instead of Invincibility mode.


  • Beating Bug

- Its Jump attack Casting Time has been increased.
- Its Movement Speed during Jump attacks have been decreased.


  • Old Machine Golem

- It no longer becomes Invincible during stabbing attacks.


  • Gakle

- All Gakle monsters no longer Down player characters.


Valley of the Half-breeds

  • Kara

- Kara is no longer Invincible when it sprints out of the trashcan.


  • Kisa

- Its Invincible mode is now canceled when it detects player characters.


Chamber of Terror

  • Servant

- It's no longer Invincible while roaring and spreading its wings.


  • Barrier Caster

- It's no longer Invincible while reanimating corpses.


  • Lurker

- Its thorny ball damage and attack count have decreased.


  • Parasite

- Its stabbing attack count has decreased.


  • Explosive Object

- Its character-launching height and distance have significantly decreased.


Wind Canyon

  • Sand Zombie

- Now it reanimates other zombies just once, without becoming Invincible while doing it.


  • Small Valgur

- Now it only casts Jump attacks when it's close to player characters.


  • Garuda Shell

- Now its attacks and skills hit player characters properly, regardless of their altitude.


  • Suparna

- Now moves more quickly while moving to a nearby rock and casting lightning.


Red Witch's Forest

  • Kisa Forest Keeper

- Kisa Forest Keeper, while hiding in the bushes, has a broader character detection range.
It's no longer Invincible as it launches a Jump attack on a character it has detected.


  • Great Axe

- When it dies, the tree object it has summoned disappears with it.


Blood Lane

  • Marcella now appears more quickly.
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