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Additional Updates

Convenience Improvement

  • Your party members' attack effect will now be affected by your Party Member Effect Opacity setting in Settings.
  • The Damage Font Opacity settings will be moved from the Skin Storage to the Settings > Graphics tab.
    - You can now separately adjust your character's and party members' damage opacity.
  • Your party members' Entry Material and Fatigue/Entry statuses will now be shared in the Party window.
  • Shining Mini Disassemblers that can disassemble Level 95 or lower Equipment items will be added to NPC Abello's Shop.
  • Insignias and Gems can now be crafted in the Insignia inventory.
    - You can craft them even if you're not in a guild.
  • You can now use mouse clicks to select Crafting materials in the Insignia and Gem Crafting window.



  • The Solo/Normal Tayberrs reward distribution rules will be changed.
  • Tayberrs Normal and Solo dungeons are Optimal Level Dungeons.
  • The distribution methods for the following probable items from the Silvery Harbart Boss monster will be changed.
Item Content
Rift Sensor Stone Directly added to your inventory instead of being dropped in the dungeon.
Rift Response Stone Directly added to your inventory instead of being dropped in the dungeon.
Sky Card Album Added to your inventory as a special reward, after the Results reward, instead of being dropped in the dungeon.
Tayberrs Epic Equipment


  • If you die after defeating the Silvery Harbart Boss monster, you can now claim your reward while the Resurrection Information UI is displayed.
    - You still can't claim your reward once the Resurrection countdown is over.
  • If your inventory slots are full, then your reward will be sent to your Mailbox instead.


Tayberrs Guide Dungeon

  • The Tayberrs Guide dungeon will be added.
  • Tayberrs Guide Dungeon is an Optimal Level Dungeon.
  • You can enter it through the existing Tayberrs Solo Mode tab.
  • You can only enter the Guide dungeon by yourself.
  • When you enter, your current character binds to the Guide dungeon, preventing your other characters from entering it.
  • Only 2 character can enter the dungeon for a week.
    - The bound character can also enter the other Tayberrs dungeons.
  • If you fail this dungeon, you will receive 1 free Entry count.
  • Your Entry count is shared among the Tayberrs dungeon, including the Guide dungeon.
  • Your binding status and Entry count will be reset every Tuesday at 9:00 am (UTC)
  • This Guide dungeon's Entry fee and rewards are 60% of the Party dungeon. (40% less reward than the Party dungeon)
    - The rule above is also applied to the additional VIP Premium rewards.
  • The full-crafted equipment and Card Album drop rates are the same as the Party dungeon's.
  • This dungeon's difficulty level will be lowered, compared to the Party dungeon.


Client Tray

  • You can now minimize and hide the game window in the system tray instead of closing it.
    - When you select the Tray menu, the DFO client will be minimized and hidden in the system tray at the bottom right side of your desktop.
    - The minimized DFO window can always be reactivated through the Tray button.
    - This new Tray button is in the Esc menu.
  • In case of important in-game notifications during Tray mode, they will be displayed in an alert window over the Tray icon. The applicable notification types are as follows.
    - Whispers
    - Party invitations
    - Mailbox
    - Trade


  • You can individually turn on/off these notifications by right-clicking the Tray icon and selecting Notifications.


Additional Updates

  • The following monsters will no longer receive Counter damage during Groggy mode. Instead, they will grow weak and receive additional damage based on your bonus Counter damage.
Content Monster
Fiend War Magnetic Magna
Magnetic Pola
Plant Ivy
Humanity Betrayer: Finber
Universe Pulverizer: Crusher
Dark Axion
Gravity Vice
Light Euclid
Cosmo Fiend: Rosen - Black Universe
Cosmo Fiend: Rosen - White Universe
Luke Raid Nightmarish Nerbe
High-reinforced Argos
Quatro Manus MK-II
Evil Sword Veara
Fortuneteller Rosaura
The Seven Mistral
Lamenting Lampard
Moonlight Walker Yashin
Beast Dungeon Mad Anne
Tayberrs Shackled Kepheros
Silvery Harbart


Auction Hall

  • The Bidding System will be deleted.
  • Because of this update, a starting bid can no longer be entered at the time of auctioning item registration.
  • Because of this update, the Auction Hall UI will be partially updated.
  • Items that are put up for auction before the maintenance can still be auctioned.
  • Items whose price is below the security deposit based on their total selling price can no longer be registered.
  • The Equipment items will be excluded.
  • A warning message will now be displayed if items whose average price has not yet been calculated are put up for auction.
  • Now you can register up to 2,000 items at a time.
  • The Cube Fragment items will be excluded.


Supertemporal Epic Equipment

  • Among the 5-piece Supertemporal Ability-enabled Tayberrs Epic Armor Set effects, the object effect that is activated while you attack will no longer be activated in the Raid dungeons.
    - Sky's Veil
    - Four-season Storm
    - Light of Doom
    - Ring of Turbulence
    - Memorial Light



  • The Equipment option that makes all your party members Invincible can no longer take effect if the Level difference between monsters and the equipment exceeds 35.
  • Not applied to your personal Invincibility option.


Other Raid Changes

  • Certain items' tooltips will be updated according to the Anton content merge.
  • The Anton Raid Shop will be deleted.
  • Fateful Determination Raid Coins are no longer obtainable in game.
  • Fateful Determinations will be removed from the Raid Clear Reward List.
  • The Fateful Determination tab will be removed from the Loot Shop, and it will be added to Woon Lyonir as a separate shop.
  • This Fateful Determination Shop offers the following products.
Item Price Purchase Limit Description
​Demon Invitation 160 Count Box 40 Fateful Determinations 8 per character (weekly) Purchasable at the Fateful Determination Shop. Contains 160 Demon Invitations.
​Demon Invitation 20 Count Box 5 Fateful Determinations 8 per account (weekly) Purchasable at the Fateful Determination Shop. Contains 20 Demon Invitations.


  • Your Undaunted Determination count will be reset, and the items will be converted into Epic Souls.
  • 100 Undaunted Determinations will be converted into 1 Epic Soul. Surplus Undaunted Determinations will be rounded up.
  • You can settle your Epic Soul compensation at the Raid Shop.
  • Click the Get button, and your Epic Souls will be sent to your Soul Storage on the current server.
  • The number of Undaunted Determinations that you can obtain will be updated.
  • Up to 4,000 can be obtained per account every week.
  • Your weekly acquisition record will be reset every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. (UTC)
  • You can now possess up to 4,000 Undaunted Determinations at the same time.
  • You can't get them past this max limit, even if you have not yet reached the weekly limits.
  • The Undaunted Determination Loot Shop will now offer the following products.
Item Price Purchase Limit Description
Demon Invitation 160 Count Box 40 Undaunted Determinations 10 per character (weekly) Purchasable at the Undaunted Determination Shop. Contains 160 Demon Invitations.
Epic Soul 1 Count Box 100 Undaunted Determinations 30 per account (weekly) Purchasable at the Undaunted Determination Shop. Contains 1 Epic Soul.
 Rift Sensor Stone 5 Count Box 100 Undaunted Determinations 10 per account (weekly) Purchasable at the Undaunted Determination Shop. Contains 5 Rift Sensor Stones.


  • The Raid Coin rewards will be updated.
  • The Raid Coin rewards issued upon clearing Raids will be updated as follows.
Raid Type Undaunted Determination
Luke Raid Solo 50
Normal (8 ppl) 100
Hard Mode 100
Fiend War Normal 150


Imperial Arena Season 3

  • Imperial Areana Season 3 has ended and a new season will begin.
  • All Imperial Mark (Season 2) will be deleted.
  • Imperial Arena entrance cost will be changed. (150,000 Gold > 50,000 Gold)
  • Imperial Arena Shop's Season tab items will be changed.
Reward Description Price
(Imperial Mark III)
Legendary Insignia Box Enables you to select a Legendary Insignia. These Legendary Insignias are untradable. 500 Account-bound 1 per account
Selective Unique Gem Box Obtain a unique gem of your choice. Unique gems are untradable. 250 Account-bound 1 per account
Random Gem Pouch Contains a random Rare-Unique grade Gem. 50 Account-bound Unlimited
Random Insignia Box Contains a random Unique-Legendary grade insignia. 100 Account-bound Unlimited
Aberrant Crystalline 100 Count Box Generates 100 Aberrant Crystallines. 50 Untradable 15 per character
Refined Terranium 2 Count Box Generates 2 Refined Terraniums. 30 Account-bound 5 per account/week
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