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Operation: Hope Monster

Monster Description

Face Collector Bernardo

The residents of Harlem have an almost morbid fear of Bernardo.
The Black Market merchants seem to believe that just mentioning his name would surely doom them.

This man, whose place of origin and age were unknown, instantly dominated Kashipa's elite combat unit, Vice, with his cruel charisma as soon as he joined the organization.

He earned his moniker, the Face Collector, because of his signature killing style.
Everyone who was murdered by Bernardo with their faces ripped off by his vice-like hands.

Heavy Teacher

Heavy Teacher, the leader of Kashipa's low-ranking looting unit, One Bite, believes that no one's more selfless than he is.

His big, strong horns reveal his Half-breed origin. His strong, muscular body is made even more impressive by the Abysses embedded in his upper arms. Those who don't know him well praise him for his majestic appearance.

He thinks that he always listens to those who are suffering and reaches out to help them.
And he believes that he's taught many of the downtrodden how to start a new life.
A new life in the Hereafter.

White Rust Sisley

To many people's surprise, the leader of Kashipa's mid-ranking looting unit, Lust, is an ordinary-looking girl with a rabbit doll in her arms.

Once a member of the Devil Girls, the group of Pandemonium's most troubled teenagers, Sisley decided that she'd dedicate her life to homunculus research.

Even when she had to take refuge with Kashipa to avoid Hilder's wrath, she smiling at the prospect of being able to continue her research.

So much time has passed that even her most persistent pursuer wouldn't recognize her anymore, but her determination is as strong as ever.

Hidden Boss: Voracious Toad Gluttony

Gluttony tends to swallow everything that looks edible to it.
This is a common tendency among the creatures that live in the harsh environment of Harlem, but the difference between Gluttony and the others is that it can digest anything while the others can't.

One day, Gluttony swallowed a random arm that its tongue picked up among the piles of body parts in its favorite haunt, the Closed Area. Then, it quickly realized something was wrong.

It wasn't the first time that it swallowed something it shouldn't, but nothing ever made it feel like it's stomach was dipped in a bucket of acid.

Despite the pain that shot through its veins, it gritted its teeth to hold whatever it ate in its stomach content.
Little did it know, if it loosened its jaws, even just a little bit, the mana from the Abyss studded in the arm would've blown up its whole body.

But the lucky Gluttony survived and was awarded with stony skin and a mysterious power, which made it part of the eerie rumors that keep people away from the Closed Area.

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