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  • Ninpou: Decoy
    - Cooldown will be fixed at 25 seconds.
  • Multi Illusion Shuriken Upgrade
    - It will no longer increase Doppelganger's Atk. rate.
  • Spiral Wheel Kunai Upgrade
    - Its finishing explosion Atk. increase rate per level will be decreased. (135% → 100%)
  • Radiant Mega Jade
    - Its Atk. information will now be applied in real time.
  • Yamata no Orochi
    - Atk. will be decreased by 10.9%.
  • Amaterasu
    - Atk. will be decreased by 20%.
  • Sword of Kusanagi
    - The Sword of Kusanagi, when equipped, will now throw 3 Fire kunais instead of the basic Chakra Weapon.
    - Fire kunai-throwing rate will be adjusted. (75% → 100%)
    - Fire kunai Atk. will be decreased by 30%.
    - The information about the previously deleted Explosive Amulet option will be deleted.
  • Bug Fixes
    - Ninpou: Cycles of Eternity: Now 80% of Shadow Clone Atk. will be properly applied to the recorded skills.
    - Secret Art: Blazing Blossom: Its Atk. amount will no longer appear abnormal in the Damage Analysis chart when it's cast by the Shadow Clone.
    - Sword of Kusanagi: Now Fire Attribute will be applied properly to the Fire kunais.
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