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Party Synergy Update

  • Skill options that increase your party members' Atk. will now be classified as part of the Party Synergy category.
    - The Male/Female Crusaders' skills and options that do more than just increasing Atk. have been excluded.
    - The tooltips of the skills that affect your party members will be updated.
  • Since you, the caster, will also receive the Party Synergy effect, your Basic/Skill Atk. will be adjusted accordingly.
    - This Atk. adjustment is not applied to the existing Synergy effects that decrease Defense, or to the characters (Creator, Summoner, etc.) whose Synergy effects already apply to themselves.
  • Up to 2 Party Synergy effects of the higher values can be applied at the same time. If the same effect is cast by different classes, then it stacks.
  • Party Synergy skills that target party members are canceled when you die.
  • The Defense Reduction effect will be changed to the Damage Intensification effect.
    ※ For more details, please refer to each character section.


SP/TP Update

  • SP requirement for all Level 80 - 85 skills, except the Side Story characters', will be updated.
    - Level 80 Skill SP: 100 → 90
    - Level 85 Skill SP: 300/200 → 200/100
  • The following characters' Level 60/70 skills will now require 60/70 SP.
    - Brawler (F)
    - Grappler (F)
    - Brawler (M)
    - Chaos
    - Dragon Knight
  • Level 60/70 TP skills will be added to all the characters.
    - Attack skills only
  • The TP skills will now require only 1 level for their prerequisite skill.
  • The TP skills' Character Level requirements will be updated.
    - Level 15 or below TP: Level 50
    - Level 20 - 50 TP: Level 55
    - Level 60 TP: Level 60
    - Level 70 TP: Level 70
  • Your skill acquisition status may change because of the update above.


Atk. Type Update for Common Pre-Advancement Skills

  • The Common Pre-advancement skills that use both Percentage Atk. and Independent Atk. will now only use Percentage Atk. or Independent Atk.
    - The new Atk. type will follow your character's attack type.
    ㄴ Example) Female Fighter's Seismic Crash: Independent Atk.
    ㄴ Example) Male Fighter's Seismic Crash: Percentage Atk.
    ㄴ You can check the applicable characters through the background image in the Skill window before you Advance.
    ㄴ The following skills will be excluded.
    ㄴ Fighter (F): Crouch
    ㄴ Gunner (F): Silver Bullet
  • The basic Uppercut/Grab skills will now use Percentage Atk.
    - Their Atk. type will be changed to Independent Atk. for the Independent Atk. characters after Advancement.
    ㄴ This information is also available through the skill tooltip.
  • Because of the update above, Atk. for the Common Pre-Advancement skills will be adjusted.



  • Weapon attributes will now be applied to objects and minions with fixed attributes.



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