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Additional Updates


Operation: Hope

  • The following changes will be made to Operation: Hope.
    - The lengths of certain areas inside the dungeon will be shortened.
    - An Attack/Casting/Movement Speed buff will be added to each area.



Some target skills of the Skill Upgrade: Skill Size Bonus effect used in Echon and Tayberrs will be updated as follows.

Class Skill Content
Blade Master Illusion Sword Dance Its last spirit swords will also grow bigger with it.
Dark Templar Destroyer The Skill Upgrade: Skill Size Bonus effect's target skill will be changed to Shadow Harvest.
Brawler (F) Junk Spin Your character will no longer grow bigger during Junk Spin.
Ranger (F) Death Hawk The Gunblade effect error will be addressed.
Launcher (M) Quantum Bomb Its size increase rate will be decreased slightly.





  • Certain Skirmisher skills will now properly display item effects in their tooltips, and their skill tooltip information will be rearranged.
    - Target Skills: Axial Vortex, Mesocyclone, Vital Strike, and Crescent Strike
  • Tooltip Rearrangement Target Skills
    - Mesocyclone: Basic Spin Count → Spin Count
    - Vital Strike: Basic Stab Count → Stab Count
    - Crescent Strike: Spirit Blade Basic Hit Count → Spirit Blade Hit Count
  • The following items' tooltip will also be updated to match the skill tooltip rearrangement.
    - Orthodox Lancer Set
    - Parring Spearman Set
    - Grand Piercer Set


Soul Bender

  • The Soul Bender's Tombstone Swamp Upgrade skill tooltip will be updated.


Elven Knight

  • The Elven Knight's Chain Rush skill tooltip information will now include the Atk. bonus for the skill canceled into Chain Rush.



Skin Storage/Weapon Shape

The Weapon Shape Preview menu in the Item tooltip will be improved.
It will now play a character motion that best showcases the target Weapon Shape.

  • The Gunners: A motion showing their main weapons
  • Others: Waiting motion

Selecting Random Skin in the Skin Storage will now display the number of skins that you have selected.



The Create Raid Group UI for the Luke/Fiend War/Prey-Isys Raids will be improved.
Selectable reward items in the Quest Info window will now be outlined according to their item grade.
The Fiend War/Prey Raid Guide Mode UI will now display the correct number of Character slots to which you can bind your characters.

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