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Guild Updates

  • The Guild UI will be updated.
    - The Guild Main window will be expanded.
    - The following windows will be updated: Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board, Create Guild, Join Guild, and Guild Settings.
    - Guild names on the Guild Advertisement Bulletin Board will now display the guilds' details when clicked.


  • The Guild Contribution System will be added.
    - You can gain Guild Contribution through various guild activities.
    - Your Guild Contribution will be settled every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. and will be used to determine your Guild Coin reward.
    - Click Contribution on the Guildsmen list at the bottom of the Guild window to check this week's Contribution, the last week's Contribution, and total Contribution.
    - You can gain Guild Contribution as following.
Activity Contribution Note
Login 100 Applicable once a day
Guild Chat 50 Applicable once a day
Clear Optimal Level Dungeons 10  
Guild Showdown (Won) 10 Up to 50 a day
Guild Showdown (Tied) 5
Guild Showdown (Lost) 3
Clear Special dungeons 50 Tayberrs, Pandemonium War
Clear Raids 250 Prey-Isys, Fiend War, Luke, etc.
Clear Guild dungeons
(Gate of Sorrow)
60 Accessible 3 times a day, 6 times a week
Clear Guild dungeons
(Land of Torment/Cave of Grief)
Clear Guild dungeons
(Valley of Destruction/Maze of Betrayal)
Clear Guild dungeons
(Hall of Eternity)
Play in a party
with guildsmen
- 1 guildsman
  • Guild Contribution x1.5 times
2 guildsmen
  • Guild Contribution x3 times
3 guildsmen
  • Guild Contribution x4 times
  • Up to 4 times for Raids


  • The Guildsman Rank System will be updated.
    -  Its ranking standard will be changed to Guild Contribution.
    -  It will now display guildsman ranks based on their weekly Contribution in real time.


  • The Guild Coins will be added.
    - You can get Guild Coins as Weekly Guild Contribution rewards or in the Guild dungeons.
    - Your Guild Coins are displayed at the bottom left side of the Guild window, and you can save up to 5,000 Coins at a time.
    - Guild Coins issued as Guild Contribution rewards appear as items in the Settle Guild Coins window, which is opened when you access the Guild window for the first time after 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday.
Type Guild Contribution–Guild Coins Ratio
1~1000 1001~3000 3001~5000 5001~8000 8001~10000 10001~15000 15001~n
Guild Coins 300 500 700 1000 1500 2000 2500


  • The Guild Party Buff System will be improved.
    - Previously, the Guild Party buffs were only applied if all party members were in the same guild. Now, they're applied, so long as some party members are in the same guild, based on their number.
          * They only take effect inside the Normal dungeons, just like before. (Certain Farming/Raid dungeons excluded)
    - The Guild Dungeon Party buffs have been merged with the Guild Party buffs.
    - The Guild Party Buff effects have been updated as follows.
Buff Name 2 ppl 3 ppl 4 ppl
Movement Speed 5% 10% 15%
Attack Speed 5% 10% 15%
Casting Speed 10% 15% 20%
Mana Regen 20 40 70
STR/INT/VIT/SPI 15 30 50
All Elemental Damages 5 10 15


  • The Guild Exorcism Buffer will be improved.
    - The old Exorcism Butter object that offered an Exorcism buff will be deleted.
         *  It will be removed from the Buy Content tab and the Guild Hideout.
         * Guild Mileage will be issued to the guilds that purchased Exorcism Buffers.
    - A new Exorcism buff will be added.
         * Just like before, this buff lasts for 12 dungeons that are not Raid dungeons.
    - This new Exorcism Buff, if purchased, is applied immediately when you click its icon in the Guild window.
    - The Exorcism buff's value will be increased from +10 to +30.
    - This Exorcism buff will be reset daily at 9:00 a.m., and it persists when you select the Character Selection screen or change channels.


  • The Guild dungeons will be updated.
    - They will no longer require Fatigue.
    - They are now restricted from entering more than 3 times a day, or 6 times a week.
    - The Guild dungeons will be excluded from the Optimal Level dungeons.
    - Hell Parties will no longer appear inside the Guild dungeons.
    - They will no longer drop Gold and Equipment items.
    - They will, however, continue to drop the Guild Dungeon Legendary equipment.
    - The Guild Dungeon Shop NPCs' sale lists will be updated.
Product Name Shop NPC Required Guild Contribution Certificates
Required Guild Coins
Unique Insignia (13 Kinds) Courtier Regin 1500 1000
Legendary Insignia (13 Kinds) Courtier Regin 3000 2000
Rare Gem (13 Kinds) Courtier Regin 560 400
Powerful Energy Box Court Supplier Ande 20 200
Demon Invitation Box Court Supplier Ande 40 200
Naxheim Bead (2 Kinds) Court Supplier Ande 350 350
Guild Potion (7 Kinds) Court Supplier Ande 1 Product deleted
Guild Dungeon Legendary Equipment (6 Kinds) Court Supplier Ande 400 Product deleted


  • The difficulty levels of the Guild dungeons will now be based on a party of 4 players at Level 95.
    - All the Guild Dungeon Boss monsters create a chance of dropping 1 Unique Gem.
         * This chance increases the higher-Leveled the dungeon.
    - The Guild Dungeon Clear Results Card will now offer 1 Guild Gem Pouch.
    - All the Guild Dungeon Boss monsters will now drop Guild Coins.
Dungeon Coin Amount
Clear Guild dungeons (Gate of Sorrow) 15
Clear Guild dungeons (Land of Torment/Cave of Grief) 20
Clear Guild dungeons (Valley of Destruction/Maze of Betrayal) 25
Clear Guild dungeons (Hall of Eternity) 30


  • The Increase Guild Dungeon Purge Rate item will be added to help you increase your Guild Dungeon Purge Rates.
    - Can be purchased in the Guild window > Other Tab.


  • Guild Contribution Certificates will no longer be dropped.
    - You can exchange your remaining Guild Contribution Certificates for Refund Pots: Guild Contribution Certificate through NPC Court Supplier Ande, and get Guild Coins from the Pots.


  • The Guild Insignia Reinforcement System will be updated.
    - It will now require Guild Coins for use.
    - If your Insignia is destroyed in the event of failure, you will get Guild Coins.
    - Failing to reinforce to +4 – 7 will no longer decrease the Insignia's Reinforcement level by 1.


  • The Guild Insignia/Gem Crafting System will be updated.
    - Using 3 – 4 Guild Insignias/Gems will now significantly increase your chance of getting higher rarity.
         * Using 2 will create the same probability of higher rarity as before.
    - Phrases that explain the Guild Insignia/Gem Crafting probabilities will be updated.
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