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Quest Renewal

Quest Updates

  • The Epic quests will now be called the Act quests.
  • The Episode quests will be added.
    - These quests involve major events outside the Act quests.
    - The Fiend War Act quests will be changed to Episode quests.
    - If you're on Fiend War Act quests, the Prey-Isys quest will be automatically added for you.
  • The Character quests will be added.
    - These quests, in addition to Leveling, help you grow your characters.
    - Certain existing quests will be changed to Character quests.
    Quest Name
    Vetala's Gift
    New Power in You
    Awakening for the Duties
    Willpower Embodiment
    Fragrance of the Forest
    Sprouting Suspicion
    Demonic Trap
    Using Earrings (1/2)
    Using Earrings (2/2)
    Equipping Earrings
    Using Sub Equipment (1/2)
    Using Sub Equipment (2/2)
    Using Sub Equipment
    Using Magic Stones (1/2)
    Using Magic Stones (2/2)
    Equipping Magic Stones
    [TP] The Ring of Combat 1/5
    [TP] The Ring of Combat 2/5
    [TP] The Ring of Combat 3/5
    [TP] The Ring of Combat 4/5
    [TP] The Ring of Combat 5/5
    Albert's Skill 1
    Albert's Skill 2


  • The Mission quests will be deleted.
    - However, Mission quests that offer the Halidom weapons will be changed to Side Story quests instead. If you already completed these quests, you can't accept them again.​
  • If you have a character that has cleared an Act Quest at least once in your account, it will create a waypoint that allows other characters on your account to skip that Act Quest.
    - If you choose to skip the act quest, you will not obtain experience and item rewards.​
    - Optional waypoint is only available for characters who are not already past the waypoint in the act quest.
    - This feature is applicable to the following quests.
    ​     ㄴ Prey-Isys Raid Act Quest, Pandemonium Meeting Act Quest, Pandemonium War.



Quest Book

  • The In Progress and Mission tabs will be deleted.
    - The In Progress and Mission tabs' functions will be merged with the All tab's.
    - The hotkey for the In Progress tab will be deleted.
  • The Dungeon function will be deleted.
  • The View Optimal Level Quests Only function will be added.
  • Up to 50 quests can now be added to the Current Quest window.
  • Quests will now be categorized as follows.
Category Content
Current Displays all the quests that have been accepted.
 Event Displays the Event quests.
Act Displays the Act quests.
Episode Displays the Episode/Hidden quests.
Character Displays the Character quests.
Daily Displays the Daily/Limited quests.
Side Story Displays the Side Story quests.



Adventure Signpost

  • The Quest Guide will be replaced by the Adventure Signpost.
  • Available in town, the Adventure Signpost will show you the quests and Farming dungeons that are available at your current Level.
  • It displays available Act/Episode/Hidden quests, equipment guidelines, and Seria's messages.​
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