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Talismans, Runes

Skill Customization

Talismans and Runes will be added, so you can customize your skills with them.




  • The core equipment necessary for skill customization.    
  • You can equip 2 of 5 Talismans available for your Advanced class in the new Talisman slots.    
  • Chronicle equipment can't be used in conjunction with Talismans,    
    - Unless it's added to the Buff Enhancement window.
  • Talismans can't be equipped or replaced inside dungeons.    
  • The Talisman has basic and additional effects.    
    - Basic Effects: Applied as soon as it's are equipped. (Rare Talismans don't have basic effects.)
    - Additional Effects: Applied if all the Runes randomly assigned to the Talisman are added.




  • Mediums used to maximize the Talisman's power.
  • 5 different Runes are available for each Advanced skill, and they can be added to the Rune slots that are unlocked when a Talisman is equipped.    
  • Each Talisman can have 3 Runes registered on it.
    - Only 1 Rune of the same kind and for the same skill can be added to each Talisman.
    - You can freely add Runes to your Talismans, even if they are not assigned to the Talismans.
  • You can also freely register and deregister Runes on your Talismans.    
    - Runes can't be replaced inside dungeons.
Type Main Icon Effects
Terra Cotta Atk. bonus
Circle Mage Atk. and cooldown reduction
The Guardians Cooldown reduction
Ancient Library Function enhancement
Second Pact Increases damage and cooldown



Talisman Book

  • The Talisman Book will be added, so you can easily check and equip Talismans and Runes.    
  • You can open it by clicking the Book icon at the bottom of the Talisman Equipment UI.    
  • You can check the Talismans and Runes you have for your skills.    
    - You can also equip them in the Talisman Book window.



Talisman & Rune Crafting

  • You can use Talismans/Runes that you found in Pandemonium War to create new Talismans/Runes with a chance of getting them at a higher grade.
    - You can craft Talismans and Runes in the new area, Elting Memorial, through NPC Monica's Talisman Crafting and Rune Crafting menus.
    - Crafting requires Gold.


  • You can use Normal Crafting or My Advancement Crafting.        
    - Normal Crafting: Enables you to create all Talismans and Runes with a chance of getting them at a higher grade.    
      ** Rare Runes and Unique Talismans can't be upgraded any further.
    - My Class Crafting: Enables you to create only Talismans and Runes for your Advanced class at the same grade as the materials used. 


  • Normal Crafting increases Advanced characters' chance of getting Talismans and Runes for their classes.        
    - Non-Advanced characters can't benefit from this Advanced Class Drop Rate bonus.




  • The Side Story quest, [Talisman] In the Vestige of War, will be added.    
    - Complete this quest, and you'll get an Unidentified Talisman, which will randomly become a Unique Talisman for your Advanced class when used.




  • Talisman Inventory Hotkey Option will be added to Settings > Hotkey Settings > System Tab.
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