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Pandemonium War Guide Dungeon

Entry Rules

  • You can create a Pandemonium War Guide party in Pandemonium War channel through NPC Ikki the Vikki's Create Pandemonium War Party menu.    
  • You must be Level 95 or above to enter.    
  • This dungeon shares its Entry count with the Pandemonium War Normal/Hard dungeons. (Once a day and twice a week per character)    
  • 30 Fatigue is required to enter.    
  • Characters in Pandemonium War Guide parties are bound to the dungeon when they start the dungeon.    
    - You can bind up to 2 characters per account to the Pandemonium War dungeon.
    - Characters bound to the Guide dungeon can also join the Normal/Hard dungeons, so long as they have remaining Daily/Weekly Entry count.
  • This dungeon's Character-bind and Entry limits are reset on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m.    
  • This Pandemonium War Guide dungeon is a Solo dungeon.    



Basic Rules

  • In this Guide dungeon, the Pandemonium War monsters' stats will be decreased and their attack patterns partially alleviated.  
  • Guide messages will be displayed to help you assess and cope with monster attack patterns.    
  • You can use as many Life Tokens as you want, and you need 5,382 Exorcism.    
  • The following Consumables can't be used.    
    - Sacred Blessings, Heavenly HP Potions, Heavenly Potions, Divine Revival Formulas, and Immortality Formulas




  • You can get the following rewards upon clearing the Pandemonium War Guide dungeon.    
    - This dungeon has a lower chance of Gold Cards than the Normal/Hard dungeons.
Category Reward
Defeat Sarpoza Randomly generates one of the following.    
  • 12 Random Runes
  • 13 Random Runes
Basic Card Reward Randomly generates one of the following.    
  • 2 Random Talismans
  • 3 Random Talismans
Clear Gizel's Lab 9 Rune Ores
Gold Card Reward The Gold Card randomly generates one of the following.    
  • 1 Pandemonium War monster card
  • 1 Kashipa's Decoration
VIP Premium Contract 1 Random Rune
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