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White Cloud Valley

흰 구름 계곡


  • You can enter the content through NPC Elder Luton after completing the quest, Ready to Go to Dusky Island.
    - 23,259 Fame required to perform this quest.
  • You can create an Advanced Dungeon party through NPC Elder Luton in the Normal channel, or the Create Party button in the Look for Party UI.
    - You can select Normal, Expert, or Master mode upon creating an Advanced Dungeon party.
    - You can enter the content through NPC Elder Luton after creating/joining a party.



Content Info

  • Dungeon Entry Level: 110
  • Recommended Party Size: 4
  • Entry Fame: Depends on dungeon difficulty
    - The Adventurer Fame requirement varies, depending on the difficulty level.
  • Entry Fatigue: 30
  • Weekly Entry Count: 2
    - The Weekly Entry count will be deducted at the start of the content.
    - Shares Weekly Entry count with Solidaris.
  • Additional Entry Material: White Ocean Advanced Dungeon Tickets
    - After you've used up your weekly entries, you can use White Ocean Advanced Dungeon Tickets to gain additional entries.
  • Dim Floating Stone Reward Count: 2
    - On a weekly basis, you can earn additional Special rewards for clearing the content.
    - The Dim Floating Stone Reward count will be deducted when you earn the reward.
    - Shares Dim Floating Stone Reward count with Solidaris.
  • The Weekly Entry and Dim Floating Stone count will be reset every Tuesday at 9:00 UTC.
    - Entry Fame: Adventurer Fame is required to enter the dungeons, depending on the difficulty level.
    - Appearing Named/Bosses: The number of appearing Named/Bosses increases with the difficulty of the dungeon.





Fame Requirement




Appearing Named/Boss





  • Additional Entry Materials





White Ocean Advanced Dungeon Ticket






Content Rules

Time Limit

  • A 30-minute limit is applied upon starting the content.
  • As long as you don't leave the party, you can continue to challenge for the duration of the time limit.


Content Failure

  • Failure to defeat the Final Boss, Elder Luton, within the time limit will result in a failed clear.


Abandon and Retreat from a Mission

  • The party leader can retreat from the dungeon using the Retreat button on the mini-map.
    - If you retreat, you can't re-enter the dungeon for a while.
  • After retreating, you can select Abandon Mission through NPC Elder Luton.
  • If you abandon a mission, all progress in the dungeon will be reset, and consumed entries and materials will not be returned.


Combat Restrictions

  • Puppet items are restricted from use in this content.
  • You have a default limit of 4 Life Tokens and share the number with your party members.
    - All party members will automatically resurrect after defeating Named and Bosses, and the Life Token limit will be reset.
    - Skill cooldowns will not be reset when you use Life Tokens in dungeons.


Area Buff

  • An Area buff, Mist of Remembrance, will be added.
  • Available in the White Cloud Valley area.
  • It increases STR and INT upon entering dungeons.
  • Stat bonuses from the Mist of Remembrance buff will not affect the Buffers' Buff skills.



How to Play

  • After entering the content, you can track your progress through the dungeon using the Status Board.
  • A special object, the Mist Collector, will be available in dungeons. You can collect Mist Energy in the Mist Collector by defeating monsters and use it to your advantage in battle.
  • The White Cloud Valley consists of a central area where Normal monsters are constantly spawning, and dedicated areas where Named/Bosses are located.


Dungeon Progress

  • Subdue monsters to increase your progress through the dungeon.
  • New Boss monsters will be unlocked based on your dungeon progress.
  • At the maximum dungeon progression, the Final Boss, Elder Luton, will be unlocked.


Mist Collector

안개 포집기

  • A special object, the Mist Collector, collects Mist Energy when you subdue a Normal monster or battle a Boss monster.
  •  Approach the Mist Collector and use the Dungeon Special key to carry and set it up.
    - Up to one person can have a Mist Collector.
  • At the maximum amount of collected Mist Energy, it can be installed to significantly reduce the Neutralize Gauge of a Boss Monster.


Emergency Operation

  • Your party will receive a total of 2 Emergency Operations over the course of the content.
  • By completing an Emergency Operation, you can collect a large amount of Mist Energy in your Mist Collector.
  • If you retreat, your operation progress will be saved.
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