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Seria's Diary

It's raining in Grand Flores today.

Sharan and I are going to check the Great Pentacles, but I have a feeling she'll be a little late.

Recently, her research on Anti Enbi has become more urgent in order to repair the Great Pentacles.

But with help from Siusha, I'm doing just fine.


Adventurer, how are you doing?


As I sit here writing this journal entry in my spare time, I think of something I've always wanted to ask you.

I know it might seem a little odd to write this in a diary that only I see, but...

It's okay. I'm never going to show it or pass it on to anyone.

Adventurer, you may not know, but there are still a lot of people here who remember and talk about you.

Linus, Sharan, Aganzo, Roger, Siusha... Practically, everyone in Hendon Myre.

When you come up, I seem to be a different person,

because everyone asks me

if the short time I spent with you means so much to me.


Yes, it's true. At first, I wondered if something was wrong with me.

I was only with you for a short time... I thought you wouldn't remember me.

But now, as I look out the window at the rain, I realize

that it doesn't matter how long we were together.


When it rains, no matter how briefly,

it changes the scenery of the world.

Even when it stops and the ground dries up,

it's not the same as it was before it started.


These days, I'm doing well, but I still wonder a lot.

What kind of people do you meet? What do you do? Are you in danger?

Is it raining where you are now? What does it look like outside your window?

If it rains where you are, does it remind you of the dew here in Grand Flores?


...Someone's saying hello to me from outside. It must be Sharan.

The rain has stopped.

It's time for me to go about my day.

I'm not going to wait for you.

I'm sure we'll meet again, just like the rain, unexpectedly.

But I hope, just a little bit, that you'll be curious about my day...

Be safe, Adventurer.

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