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Scenario Dungeon

Scenario Dungeon Revision

  • Monsters in certain Scenario dungeons have been relocated.
  • Disruptive monsters and objects in the maps have been relocated. 
  • Monsters in certain Normal Scenario dungeons—Meltdown, Castaway Caves, Inverted Waterfall, and Iced Wall of Resignation—have been strengthened.

Scenario Dungeon Selection Screen Revision

  • The Dungeon slots now also display the information of the dungeons and current difficulty levels. 
  • The Dungeon slots now also display the pertinent quests and their images. 
  • The icon in the Dungeon slot displays a quest list when the cursor is placed over it. 
  • Quests display different images depending on their types: Epic, Supplementary Story, Achievement, or Limited. 
  • If there are multiple quests, they are displayed in the order of Epic, Supplementary Story, Limited, and Achievement. (System quests have the same priority and image as Epic.)

Scenario Dungeon Clearance Effect Added

  • A Clearance effect is displayed when you clear a dungeon, and then immediately move onto the next one. 
  • The effect is not displayed if you move to town before moving onto the next dungeon. 
  • The Special dungeon slots now look the same as the Normal dungeon slots.

Scenario Dungeon Hard Mode Added

  • Meet certain Clearance Time and Enemy Attack Receipt Count set for an area, and the Hard Mode tutorial is activated, allowing you to select the mode. 
  • Once you complete the tutorial, you can switch to different modes anytime in the Game Settings (O) > System menu. 

  • For more information about unlocking the Hard Mode tutorial, check tips appearing in the loading image of each area. 
  • Normal dungeons do not count for unlocking the tutorial.

Scenario Dungeon Difficulty Information

  • The original Quest EXP rewards are retained. 
  • Easy Mode: The original Scenario Dungeon mode. Monsters give the same amount of EXP as before. 
  • Hard Mode: The dungeon's difficulty level increases from Master to King (Normal dungeon difficulty levels). EXP rewards from monsters increase as well.

Scenario Dungeon Quest Change

  • The type of the Ancient Dungeon quests has changed from Supplementary Story to Scenario Epic. 
  • The Castle of the Dead Scenario Dungeon quests give more EXP now.
  • 3 Time Gate quests—Opening the Time Gate, Warped Time, and Transferred Spacetime—can no longer be performed by parties.


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