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  • Auction Hall level restrictions is removed.
  • Trading Gold is now available via Mail/Individual Trade.


* Mail Trading


* Individual Trading


  • Character Creation screen’s UI will be changed.
  • Character introduction cartoon will be changed to an animation.
  • When you use skills that have cooldown, system messages appear to show remaining cooling periods.
  • The Game Settings menu now include the Adjust my character effect translucency option.

  • The Show Scenario progression option can be now assigned to a hotkey.
    - The old Show mini-map hotkey (N) now also opens the Show Scenario progression window.
  • The Item Comparison mode, when turned off, now offers an option that temporarily enables it.
    - Holding down the Shift key temporarily enables the Item Comparison mode.
  • Necromancer's ​Obedient Ghost skill now can be canceled.
    - Entering the Jump key instead of an arrow key cancels the skill.
  • You can simultaneously disassemble all Equipment items at a selected grade in the Inventory window.
    - Select the Disassemble Equipment button, and then right-click equipment in the inventory while holding down the Ctrl button.
  • Sort-locked items are now excluded from the Disassemble All targets.
  • Now the Daily challenge, "Use Equipment Disassembler 5 times," also can be accomplished with Profession Disassembler.
  • When you form a party while your character is being used as Mercenary, an alert message appears to inform the Mercenary status and ask if you want to retrieve the character immediately.
  • When you form/join an Attack Unit while your character is being used as Mercenary, an alert message appears to inform the Mercenary status and ask if you want to retrieve the character immediately.
  • Now the number of your Equipment Protection Tickets is displayed even during Open Reinforcement.
  • Tradable Avatars/creature eggs can no longer be discarded.
  • You can now use your own Disassembler no matter the amount of Gold you have.
  • If you consume all Cube Fragments before their contract period expires, then an alert window pops up.
  • The Auction Hall's AutoComplete list no longer suggests nonexistent items.
  • Turn off the Daily Challenge collection alert, and the alert sound is also turned off.
  • You can now use the keyboard keys in the Server Selection screen.
  • The menu that appears when you select another player now displays renewed Server icons.
  • The Damage Analysis > Damage Report window now features the Reset button.
  • The character intro cartoons have been changed to animation video.
  • Replacing a Rare Clone Avatar with another of the same kind no longer affects your character's appearance.
  • Equipping and unequipping items no longer affects their Sort-lock status.
  • The Hell Party Challenge mode now remains active on the Dungeon Selection screen, even after you cleared a Hell Party, unless you turn it off.
  • You can now follow other players to their channels by selecting their names in the Chat/Guild/Friend List window and the Move to their channel menu.
  • You can now view the nickname change history for the past 3 months of yourself or another player. It also shows guild you or the target player currently belongs to.
  • Ancient/Requiem Dungeon Limited Quests Organization
    - Ancient/Requiem dungeons' Limited quests are now sorted by category, so you can check them easily.
  • Rarity information checked on the Disassemble All window is now saved per character.
    - Now each character saves rarity information selected for the Disassemble All menu.
  • The Character Selection screen now displays the Tower of Despair floor information.
    - The Character Selection > Daily Contents Information window now displays your current floor in the tower, so you can prepare yourself for the adventure.
  • Delayed Display of the Last Chat Time
    - When one hour passes after your last chat message, the chat time is displayed.
  • Trade Safety Feature Added
    - When you are in a party and try to trade with a non-party member, a confirmation message is now displayed.
  • "Cannot Be Crafted" Tag for Un-craftable Rare or Higher-graded Equipment
    - Un-craftable equipment at Rare or higher grade now displays items warning in its tooltip.
  • Replay Feature Added to Practice Arena
    - Pop-up buttons have been added to let you record and replay your Practice Arena matches.
    - The Replay button is disabled inside the Arena.
  • In the Auction Hall, you can now search Titles by character.


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