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Knight Shield Changes


  • Knights' Shield system has been simplified.


  • Most shields are now obtained automatically when you reach a certain level.


  • Advanced class shields are obtained in the same way as before: when you complete the pertinent quests.


  • The Nightmarish Claw shield is renamed Wicked Claw.

Auto Level-up Reward

Quest Reward

(Lv. 25) Preserver's Mind

(Elven Knight) Glowing Will

(Lv. 35) Sprout of Chaos

(Elven Knight) True Enlightenment

(Lv. 40) Light in the Dark

(Elven Knight) Noble Will

(Lv. 45) Best Defense

(Elven Knight) Blooming Flower

(Lv. 55) Noble Protection

(Chaos) Wicked Claw

(Lv. 60) Never-closing Eyes

(Chaos) First Duty

(Lv. 65) Solid Convictions

(Chaos) Owner's Brand

(Lv. 70) Ruler's Qualifications

(Chaos) Wicked Trap

(Lv. 77) Endless Battle


(Lv. 79) Double-bladed Charisma


(Lv. 80) Gem on the Sea


(Lv. 81) Sea Ruler's Proof


(Lv. 82) Truth in the Chaos


(Lv. 83) Violent Truth


(Lv. 84) Firm Pledge


(Lv. 85) Beastly Shout



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