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Other Item Changes


  • Teleportation Potions now enable you to move to Seria's Room in the current area.


  • The Skill Attack Power tag, along with some functions of the Damage Analysis Chart, has been improved.
    - Bullet buffs now display Normal Attack Power separately from bullet Attack Power.
    - Some skills that were considered Normal attacks are now recognized as skills.


  • The Command Key effect, one of the Equipment options, now uses its own hotkey.
    - The old "Up/Down + Creature Skill key" command has been replaced by the Equipment Option Activation key.
    - The Equipment Option Activation key is Caps Lock by default, and you can change it in the Hotkey Settings menu (hotkey: Esc).


  • Monsters no longer drop untradable Unique/Legendary equipment.
    - Monsters now have a higher chance of dropping tradable Legendary equipment.


  • Untradable equipment at all grades except Epic generates only 1 Soul when disassembled.


  • Equipment slots in the Character Inventory are no longer outlined.


  • A special graphic effect is added to Equipment slots when you wear a full set of Epic equipment.


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