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Ancient Dark Elf Ruins Update


  • Monsters in the Ancient Dark Elf Ruins have been weakened.
    - Annihilator Unit Strikers no longer teleport or cast Super Armor.
    - Annihilator Unit Supporters' skill cooldown and multi-hit interval have increased.
    - Ancient Guardians' self-destructive damage has been deleted and all their speeds (Casting Speed, Movement Speed, etc.) have decreased.
    - Ghoul Kawishes' Movement Speed has decreased.
    - Dark Elf Female Follower Spirits no longer cast Super Armor.
    - Loose Defenders' delay has increased and a casting bar appears when they use skills.
    - Annihilator Captain Contrawars' teleport incurs a longer cooldown, and their Tail Hit and Explosion skills are more difficult to chain together now.
    - Puppet monsters' HP and Nen Guard HP have decreased.


  • The Ancient Dark Elf Ruins dungeon's map structure has been updated.
    - The damaging red smoke in the Mad Celebrant map of the Maze dungeon is now generated slowly after player characters enter the map.
    - Activating Gruff's Servants and the smoke-dissipating devices in the Center of the Shrine now requires a certain amount of HP instead of a number of attacks.
    - The Pentacle map in the Center of the Shrine now generates fewer monsters with lower HP.
    - Certain Normal monsters in the normal maps of the Maze dungeon have been relocated.


  • Graphic effects have been added to the Ancient Dark Elf Ruins Dungeon Selection screen. 
    - All the dungeons in the Ancient Dark Elf Ruins are displayed, and different effects appear in the dungeon slots depending on their accessibility.


  • You can now check your progression toward satisfying the entry conditions of each Ancient Dark Elf Ruins difficulty level.
    - New icons have been added to the dungeon slots to help you check your progression toward satisfying all the entry conditions on the current difficulty level.
    - The current entry condition is displayed in white.
    - Conditions that have not yet been completed are grayed out.


  • Gorgon's head can now be found from a broader range in the Maze dungeon of the Ancient Dark Elf Ruins.
    - If you fail to find Gorgon's head for a set period, then Gorgon is now summoned again.


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