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Guild Insignia System Update


  • The Guild Insignia System has been added.
    - This Guild Insignia composition system enables guilds to get rare Insignias.
    - 2-4 Insignias of the same rarity can be compounded together. If the composition fails, you will get 1 Insignia of the same rarity. If it's successful, you will get 1 Insignia of a higher rarity.
     - The more compounding Insignias you use, the higher your composition chance.
     - Only 2 Legendary Insignias can be compounded together to create a random Legendary Insignia.


  • The Guild Insignia Reinforcement System has been added.
    - Reinforcing Insignias is similar to reinforcing other items, except that it requires Guild Contribution Certificates and Reinforcers and Equipment Protection Tickets cannot be used.
    - Failing to reinforce +10 or higher Insignias results in their destruction.
    - A certain amount of Guild Contribution Certificates is reimbursed for failed Insignia reinforcement.


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