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Supplementary Story Character: Awakening

Time is an endless series of eras, and there have been
as many eras as there are possibilities. 
Yet, you wish to create an era of time
that is unmarred by chaos and conflicts.

However, you're not strong enough to continue with
your journey to reach your ideal end.
You must stop pursuing this pipe dream...
Soon your frequent travels across space-time
will take their toll on your mind, gradually erasing
every trace of your existense from this world.
No one will remember you.

Remember, that's a challenge that any mortal
who dares to travel across time must overcome.
I doubt you could reach the time period
you want within the amount of time you're given...
Maybe you could, if you could destroy the rules of time
and create new ones.

But only the Creator of this world is capable of such change,
and you're not him.
If you try to force that kind of change, you'll only draw his ire.

My friend, I'll watch you as long as I can.
I hope you'll reach what it is you desire and one day find the answer you seek. 

- Last Memet –


Awakening Introduction

  • The new Awakening system has been added to enable the Supplementary Story characters to learn new skills.
  • The Time Fragments quests unlock Awakening.
    - Collect the 9th Time Fragment to unlock the Stage 1 Awakening quest.
    - Collect the 13th Time Fragment to unlock the Stage 2 Awakening quest.
    - The Time Fragment quests are now a series; you have to complete the precedent quest to move on to the next.
    - Time Fragment acquisition difficulty levels have been adjusted.

Time Fragment Quest List

Quest Cumulative Time Fragments
Luteon 0
Second Time Fragment 0
In Search of Time Fragments 1 0
In Search of Time Fragments 2 0
Weak Time Fragment 0
Stronger Time Fragments 0
Stronger Time Fragments 2 0
Must Become Stronger 1
Silver Crown 2
Meltdown 3
Queen Scorpion 4
Castaway Cave 5
Behemoth 6
Apostle Lotus 7
Adenbain 8
Iced Wall of Resignation 9
Death Dragon Spirazzi 10
Antwer Canyon     11
Oceanic Express 12
Time Gate 13
Slote Power Plant 14
Castle of the Dead 16


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