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Miscellaneous Changes


  • The Limited Quest notifier has been added.
    - It appears when there are available Limited quests in dungeons.
    - Appearing only for the first time you enter a dungeon, it helps you easily accept the quests.
    - Shows the most advanced quest among all the available quests.
    - Opening the Quest Book while the quest notifier is opened dismisses the notifier.
    - It does not appear if you already accepted all the available Limited quests in the dungeon you are in.
    - You can turn it on or off.
      : Go to Settings (hotkey: O) → System to turn it on/off.


  •  The Practice mode featuring the following options has been added to the Training Center.





Immobilizes monsters.


Makes monsters immune to Grabs.


Enables you to deliver Aerial attacks to monsters.


Keeps monsters downed.


Enables you to counterattack standing monsters.

Super Armor

Casts Super Armor on monsters.


Changes monster grade to Boss.


Changes monster grade to Named/Champion.

HP Settings

Enables you to adjust monster HP in percentage terms.

Abnormal Status Conditions

Enables you to summon monsters in Abnormal statuses.

 - You can now adjust your character's HP and MP in percentage terms.


  • The Damage Report now features the following.
    - While the functions that affect your damage are turned on, attacking monsters changes font colors.
    - While the functions that affect your damage are turned on, the following settings are displayed.


  • Party members' damage on Boss/Named monsters no longer decrease gradually while the Boss/Named monsters are Grabbed, Stoned, or Frozen.​


  • Dungeon and NPC locations have been updated.
    - Underfoot's Guild Three-way Junction has been renamed Ancient Site Junction.
    - The entrance to the Ancient Dark Elf Ruins has been moved to Ancient Site Junction.
    - The NPCs Highmore and Alisha Arden have been moved to Ancient Site Junction.
    - The NPC Bucken has been moved to the entrance to the Ancient Site.


  • The Daily Content Information notifier now includes the Ancient Dark Elf Ruins information. 
    - The Daily Content information appears when you bring the cursor over a character on the Character Selection screen.


  • The Auto-capture Epic Item menu has been added.
    - The system automatically takes a screenshot when an epic/legendary item is dropped.
    - Screenshots are automatically saved to PC DFO > Screenshot folder.
    - You can turn it on/off in Options.


  • The Watchers of Natram dungeon's Boss room terrain has been updated for a more natural look.


  • The Aura Avatar Skin slot has been added.
    - You can display the image of a different Aura Avatar while retaining the options of the currently equipped Aura Avatar.
    - Aura Skin Slot License can be purchased with gold in CERA Shop.


  • Screenshots and video can no longer be captured during duels.
    - Video that is being recorded will be stopped when you engage in a duel.
    - You can use the Replay mode to capture screenshots/video instead.


  • Power Arm Kuro and Black Fire Rok that appear in the Anton Raid and normal Anton dungeons now feature a Humanoid shape. 
  • Bored Marcelo that appears on the 98th floor of the Tower of Despair has had its attack pattern updated.
  • The normal Anton and Anton Raid monsters' Burn/Bleeding/Shock Resistances have decreased.
  • Some quest names have been updated to distinguish the Anton and Anton Raid modes.



Anton in Another Dimension

[Anton Raid] Anton in Another Dimension

Ravenous Anton

[Anton Raid] Ravenous Anton

[Limited] Extracting Anton's Neurons

[Anton Raid] Extracting Anton's Neurons

[Limited] High-ranking Tartan Essence

[Anton] High-ranking Tartan Essence

[Limited] Difficult Enemy

[Anton] Difficult Enemy


  • You can expand your character slot up to 75 using the Character Slot Expansion Kit. 


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