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Anton Raid Update


  • The Raid monsters have been rebalanced.
    - Their Attacks have been lowered.
    - Their Max HP have been lowered.
    - Monster's maximum Defense reduction by debuffs has been lowered.
    - Doom Taiorik and Kres of Black Smoke cast Berserk Dragon Cry less frequently. (Also applicable to Normal Anton) ​ 
    - Omnipotent Mateka's launching and pushing attacks no longer send player characters flying away. (Also applicable to Normal Anton) 


  • Certain consumables are no longer usable in the Raid dungeons.
    - Puppets, Heavenly HP Potions, and Divine Revival Formulas


  • The Raid Achievement quests now require the Anton Epic quests as a prerequisite.


  • The Anton Raid Retry System has been added.
    - If your Attack Unit fail to clear the Raid within the time limit, then your members will receive the Royal Family's Support Certificate item.
      a) Mail storage period: 1 day (UTC+09:00)
    - Royal Family's Support Certificate is not issued if the starting and failing days of the Raid do not match.
    - 'Royal Family's Support Certificate resets your maximum Energy Absorption Blocker purchase count.
    - To retry the Raid, you must leave your current Attack Unit and create/join a new one.
    - Those who retried and successfully cleared an Anton Raid stage cannot receive a Raid reward for the stage.
      Example – If you already received the Cease Anton reward, then you can receive only the Subjugation reward even if you retry the Anton Raid from the beginning.
    - Once you succeed in clearing the Anton Raid: Anton Subjugation, you cannot create/join an Attack Until until the next Raid becomes available.
    - You can no longer join Raid Groups that have formed on the previous day.
    - The content of the Source of Avarice quest status is counted only once a day now.
    - The Anton Raid Achievement titles, Attack Unit Participant and Front Line Attacker, are counted once each Raid day.


  • The Anton Raid rewards have been updated.
    - Now more Condensed Antoniums are rewarded.
    - The Savior’s Glory and Anton's Soul Fragment items are dropped more frequently now.
    - Normal Epic Equipment items and Anton's Heart Card are dropped less frequently now.
    - The Subjugation reward now includes up to Level 85 Epic items.​
    - The reward list now includes a wider selection of Sub Equipment.
    - Unique Equipment and Legendary Recipes have been removed. 


  • The Anton Raid quests' activation conditions have been updated.
    - The Anton in Another Dimension and Ravenous Anton quests appear after the Anton Epic quests are completed.
    - Those who already receive the quests must abandon them, or these updates will not take effect.


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