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Equipment Option Improvements

Level 105 Equipment Option Level Integration/Tooltip Message Improvement

  • Level 105 Epic/Legendary equipment's option levels will be merged from 4 to 1.
    - If any of the options on an existing piece of equipment have a level lower than 80, the average EXP value of the options will be converted to the option level and combined.
  • The tooltip structure for Level 105 Epic and Legendary equipment will be changed partially.
    - The Damage Value, Buff Power, and Option Level values will be combined into a single value instead of 4 separate values.
    - For Fixed Option Epic equipment, Options 1 - 4 will be removed from the tooltip, and repetitions will be merged.
    - For Custom Option Epic and Legendary equipment, the Buff Power value at Option Level 1 will be displayed to the right of Options 1 - 4.
  • The criteria for icon marks/border effects for Level 105 Epic and Legendary equipment will be updated. (The following changes are for Level 105 Epic equipment; for changes to the Legendary equipment, see "Level 105 Legendary - Sacrosanct Area Equipment Changes" below.)
    - Before: Updated every 40 levels between Option Level 240 and 320 range
    - After: Updated every 10 levels between Option Level 60 and 80 range
  • Some of the tooltip content for Level 105 Epic and Legendary equipment will be improved.
    - Some of the content will be reformatted to improve readability.
    - The wording will be revised to minimize misunderstandings due to awkward or ambiguous language.
  • Here are some examples of tooltip comparisons before and after the update. (The After images of the Custom Epic equipment are taken after the Custom Option Visibility Improvement effect is applied. See "Custom Option Visibility Improvement" below for more details.)




Fixed Epic Equipment

Custom Epic Equipment


  • The following system UIs, when equipment is added, will now be synchronized to reflect the changes to the updated Equipment tooltip structure.
    - Equipment Option Growth/Transfer/Level Transfer Systems
    - Option Change/Option Level Change Systems
    - Warped Dimension Cube
    - Inventory - Equipped Equipment - Equipped Item Info Tab
  • In the Inventory and Safe windows, the Advanced Search > Find Option Level menu will no longer feature an individual/total level distinction.
  • The Max Growth Ticket item sold by the NPC Courtier Regin Shop in the Guild Hideout will be changed to the Tier-specific Option Level Limit.


  • The basic Skill Atk. option value will now be combined with the Skill Atk. bonus per option level.
  • Armor will no longer display the Texture Mastery skill information.
    - This information is still available through the Texture Mastery information for each class within the Skill window.
  • The following equipment will now only display Creator-related tooltips when viewed by the Creator character.
    - Communion: Vital Coexistence
    - Communion: Welcoming Sunlight
    - Communion: Protective Warmth
    - Communion: Falling Dew
    - Dragon Killer's Token: Dragon Scale Earrings
    - Guardian Dragon's Protection - Mercy
    - Guardian Dragon's Protection - Blessing



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