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Story and Skill

"Destroy the rules of time..."  


He'd been using his unfettered power for destruction for a very long time.
He was growing tired of constantly traveling across space-time
to eliminate the elements that gave rise to conflicts.
Then, one day, the Time Lord spoke.


"Eliminate the rules that trigger the end of an era,
and you can change the results."


Through the rift of time that stretched endlessly
across the space-time continuum, he heard the voice of the
giant lion-shaped figure.


"The error rate of cause-and-effect is increasing as you've wanted,
but it's not significant enough to alter the course of time toward destruction."




"Are you disappointed?
Causes and their effects can never be separated.
You should be proud that you've achieved this much."


"I don't have thousands of years to change the course of time.
If I can't do it now, Memet,
then I want to bet all my luck on one last journey through time."


"I see... With the Time Fragments you've collected and my power,
I can send you back to the point of time when your strength was at its peak.
You've overcome the test of time without having all your powers.
Helping you to recover them is the least I can do."


As soon as the Time Lord finished speaking,
the Time Fragments was surrounded by a halo of lights and became one.
It was then absorbed into the body of the Dark Knight.
Most of his powers returned, thanks to the Time Lord and the Time Fragments that he'd collected.


"If the error rate of cause-and-effect increases any further,
I can't stop time from taking this world to the path of destruction.
I wish you luck in reaching the era you want."




New Skills

Icon Skill Name Lv. Skill Description
Time Stop 50 Dark Knights can pause time at the moment when their power reaches its peak for as long as they want.
Cancels combo time limit if you are attacked or move while making combos, enables you to use skills in Extended slots in the middle of skills in the Combo slots, and stacks an effect every time skills in the Combo slots are used. Using skills in Extended slots in the middle of skills in the Combo slots increases Attack according to the effect's stack level.
Phantom Sword 50 Summons multiple phantom swords from his darkened Ghost Arm that cut at surrounding enemies multiple times, lands to the ground, and causes a powerful explosion.
Dark Wave Fall 60 A sword imbued with dark power crashes into the ground in front, causing a great explosion. Enemies caught in the explosion receive damage and have their Defense reduced for a set period.
Charge Explosion 70 Moves a certain distance and brandishes his sword, launching enemies in his path, turns around, and travels a certain distance, stabbing at enemies. Herds stabbed enemies in one place and detonates dark energy, inflicting damage on them.
Space-time Union 75 Combines the Dark Knight's abilities that exist in different places and time, enabling the character to achieve its best fencing and magic performances. Enables you to Convert the attack property of Phantom Sword, Dark Wave Fall, Charge Explosion, Dark Burst, and Time Break, and equalizes Strength and Intelligence and Physical and Magic Critical Chances by matching the lower value to the higher one.
Dark Burst 80 Concentrates the power of his Ghost Arm into the form of a dark sword and causes a powerful energy explosion in front.


Final Awakening Skill: Time Break

Icon Skill Name Lv. Skill Description
Time Break 85 Concentrates and discharges the power of time to be everywhere at once, attacking as he moves, before returning to his original spot. Enemies that are hit by the slashing attacks are temporarily Immobilized and caught in a space-time explosion.


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