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Aeterna Continent and Antana Port

  • The new area, Aeterna, will be added.
  • Aeterna is a continent located far west of Arad, currently dominated by Black Gold Dragon Geldrager,
    a child of Bakal.


  • The new town, Antana Port, and new NPCs will be added.
  • Chairman Ribeck, Sandhammer Schlegel, Inland Investigator Talin, and Librarian Siri will be added to
    Antana Port.
  • In Antana Port, the Fight and Personal/Professional Shop systems can't be used.


  • The following special system is applied to the Aeterna continent.
  • Geldrager's Dragontongue: Weakens equipment from the Arad continent everywhere in Aeterna.
  • You can craft equipment that resists the Dragontongue effect by increasing your Exploration Level through adventures in Aeterna or Sandhammer Schlegel.
    - Field Functions: In Aeterna, you can run, jump, and attack as usual.
    - Crafting: You can craft various exploration supplies with materials that are available in Aeterna.
      Crafting takes time.
    - Shared Explorations: In Aeterna, all the characters in the same Exploration Club share the same information (Exploration Rank, crafting, quest progression, etc.)
  • However, those that don't meet the Aeterna entry requirement can't enter it or complete quests in it​.



New Quests

  • New Episode quests will be added.
  • After clearing the Level 100 Act quest, Back to Where We Belong, talk to NPC Joah Ferrero and complete the Episode quest to enter Aeterna (per character).
  • When you complete the Episode quest, Aeterna will be unlocked on the Philasia's Control Panel.
  • Aeterna will also be added to your Special Channel list.
  • When you enter the Aeterna channel, you'll be moved to Seria's Room in Antana Port.


How to Enter

  • You can move to Aeterna through the Philasia's Control Panel.

  • You can also select Aeterna in your Special Channel list to directly move to Seria's Room in Antana Port.


How to Play

  • The Aeterna continent consists of 4 areas.
    To explore each of these areas, you must reach a certain Exploration Grade.
  • In each area, you can hunt and collect materials, which you can use to craft and upgrade Aeterna equipment.


Dungeon Structure and Combat System

Dungeon Structure

Category Normal Monster Boss Monster
Monster Quantity 20 per area 1 per landmark
Monster Type 4 – 7 types per field Total 7 types
Monster Respawn Max quantity respawned every minute in each area

Normal Dungeon: Accessible anytime

Hard Dungeon: Only accessible at certain hours. Mini-map landmark changes upon entering.

  • Geldrager/Kurkra Hard Appearance Time: Every hour on the hour
  • Agnat-C Hard Appearance Time: 10th minute of each hour
  • Saksha Hard Appearance Time: 20th minute of each hour
  • Randus Hard Appearance Time: 30th minute of each hour
  • Amethystas Hard Appearance Time: 40th minute of each hour
  • Queen Bee Hard Appearance Time: 50th minute of each hour
Monster Respawn Alert None

The following system messages will appear to everyone in the Aeterna channel when the Hard Boss monsters appear.

  • Kurkra: "A big earthquake can be felt in the direction of the Starlight Coast."
  • Agnat-C: "The Watcher of the Golden Plains begins to move."
  • Saksha: "A sandstorm is rolling into the Forgotten Desert."
  • Randus: "The Sacred Valley in the Razor Valley reverberates with mysterious howling noise."
  • Amethystas: "Something starts glowing deep inside the Crystal Cave in Razor Valley."
  • Queen Bee: "A sweet scent starts spreading across Dark Wind Forest."
  • Geldrager: "The land of Aeterna starts boiling."

When a Boss monster becomes available, its icon on the Aeterna World Map will be changed.

Special Note Optional Level Dungeons not applied
Frustration Mode not applied
Optional Level Dungeons not applied
Frustration Mode not applied
Main Rewards Aeterna Exclusive equipment crafting materials
Aeterna Exclusive consumable crafting materials
Normal: Aeterna equipment/consumable crafting materials
Hard: Synergy equipment crafting materials​


How to Enter

Category Normal Monster Boss Monster (Normal) Boss Monster (Hard)
How to Enter

Approach a monster and press the Attack (X) key.


Enter the Boss Monster area in each area to view this separate Boss Info pop-up UI.

Enter the Boss Monster area in each area to view this separate Boss Info pop-up UI.

Entry Material None Guardian's Gold Guardian's Gold
Entry Limit None None Exploration Rank 50 or higher
Players 1 (Can't party) 1 (Can't party) 1 – 4 (Can party)
Crusader (M/F) and Enchantress buff effects decreased to 1/10.
Buff caster characters' stats don't improve buff effects.
Clear Conditions Defeat all the monsters in the dungeon. Defeat the Boss monster. Defeat the Boss monster.
Fatigue Cost 4 upon entry 15 upon entry 30 upon entry
Note     Limited admission time (10 min.)



Combat System

Skill Cooldown inside Dungeons

  • Skill cooldown is not reset if you resurrect with Life Tokens.


Party Formation

  • You can form a party (of up to 4 players) for the Hard Boss dungeons only.
  • Certain Advanced classes' Buff skills weaken inside the dungeons. (Crusader [M/F] and Enchantress)
  • Only 10% of their original effects is applied. Their casters' stats can't affect their effects, either.
  • You can only enter the Normal Monster/Normal Boss Monster dungeons by yourself.


  • No restrictions to the use of Consumables.


Dungeon Clear Time Limit

  • If you exceed a dungeon's time limit, then your battle will be finished and you'll be moved outside the dungeon.
    - Normal Monster: 3 min.
    - Boss Dungeon: 8 min.


Equipment Durability

  • Equipment durability doesn't decrease inside the dungeons.


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