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Convenience Improvements

New and Improved Gameplay Action Graphic Options

Improved Screen Shake Effect

  • Fixed the screen from shaking too much when the Screen Shake Effect is applied to relieve stress on the eyes.
  • Added "Gentle" option in the Graphics - Screen Shake Effect options.
  • The original Screen Shake Effect or the improved one can be selected and applied.
  • Original Screen Shake Effect: Intense
  • Improved Effect: Gentle
  • Manage these options through Settings - Screen Shake Options by selecting "Intense", "Gentle",
    or "Disable Shake".
  • The Screen Shake Intensity can be controlled with the slider after selecting a Screen Shake Effect.


Improved HP Bar Shake Effect

  • The HP bar will now shake more intensely depending on the amount of damage the monster receives.


Improved Skill Effect Options

  • Improved the issue of monsters being hidden behind skill effects when the skill effect options are set to 100%.
  • Changed monster silhouettes to be visible over skill effects when overlapping with skill effects.
  • The visibility of monster silhouettes can be adjusted in Settings - Graphics - Skill Effect Adjustment slider.


Added Accumulated Damage Option

  • The added damage of the current attack will now be displayed separately from the current damage font.
  • Accumulated Damage opacity can be adjusted in Settings - Graphics.
  • It can be adjusted through the Accumulated Damage Opacity slider located beneath Party Damage option. (Setting it at 0% will cause accumulated damage to not be displayed.)



The Philasia - Video Communicator Upgrade

  • The Philasia - Video Communicator will be upgraded.
  • NPCs can be summoned to the Philasia after completing Explorer Club Challenges.
  • NPCs have been changed to remain summoned until "Dismissed".
    (All character in your account will be able to utilize the summoned NPC).


  • The Philasia's safe will be relocated to the deck.


  • Philasia - Control Panel will be changed to target an area.

  • Areas displayed in the Control Panel will be changed/improved.
  • Overlapping areas will be merged.
  • New areas will be added.
  • Chantri - The Exile Mountains, The Night of Revelation
  • Central Tent - Sirocco Challenge




  • The Find Party window will be improved so the wanted positions are visible immediately.
  • Positions to be recruited will be able to be set when creating a party.
  • The positions will be set as (your position)/D/S/B as default.
  • Parties can be applied for even if the wanted position does not match.
  • Can be filtered using Recruitment filters(# Pure Dealer, # Synergy Dealer, # Buffer).


  • Party name will be saved when creating a Party/Special Dungeon/Raid Group.
  • It will be maintained until the client is exited if it is not edited.
  • For Special Dungeons, it will be saved uniformly even for Special Dungeons of another type.
  • For Raids, it will be saved uniformly even for Raids of another type.


  • The Party and My Party window will be able to be accessed by pressing the space bar as it is in Raids.


  • The Leave Raid option will be deleted from NPC menus and Party Portraits.




  • Duplicate Epic Equipment in your possession will changed to be shown differently.

  • The details regarding possession of an owned Epic will be shown in the "Epic sets in possession" window.
  • Currently equipped items will be marked with a border, and the previous icon for them will be deleted.
  • Items that are currently in your Inventory/Safe will be marked with their respective icons the same as before. However, both icons will now be displayed if an item is in both Inventory/Safe.


  • Equipment in Quickslots will be able to be disassembled as well.


  • A function enabling Emblems to be equipped on Avatars with right-click will be added.
  • Right-clicking an Avatar after pressing the Equip Emblem button will register it.
  • Right-clicking an Avatar when the Avatar Emblem window is open will register it.
  • Equipping an Emblem with right-click will equip it in empty Sockets first.
  • If all Emblem Sockets are full or empty, the Emblem will be equipped starting from the socket on the left.
  • The function for Equipping Emblems by dragging will remain usable.


  • The All Title Slots in the Event Tab of the Title Book will now have 9 rows (45 slots).




Ghent Palace

  • The dungeon's structure will be shortened.
  • The position of monsters will be adjusted according to the changed structure.
  • Escort Captain Kirsten and Hound Cyrus's weight will be decreased.
  • Anje Wane - Invincibility will be deleted from some attacks.
  • Anje Wane - Duration of getting into the Battledroid will be decreased.


Bottomless Tunnel

  • The dungeon's structure will be shortened.
  • Associated dungeon lines will also be compressed.
  • The position of monsters will be adjusted according to the changed structure.
  • Kirsch of Deception - Invincibility will be deleted from some attacks.
  • Kirsch of Deception - Multi-hit count of its successive swiping attack will be reduced.
  • Sharp Cachaca - Invincibility upon encounter will be deleted.
  • Nilvas Gracia - Invincibility upon encounter will be deleted.
  • Nilvas Gracia - The jump pattern's time will be decreased.


Basement of Pain

  • Monsters will appear more quickly.
  • The flinch duration upon stepping in lava will be reduced.
  • The method for providing buffs will be changed.
  • A buff will be applied upon entering the map, and will not be able to be changed.
  • Mandarin - The speed of the rotating orbs during Heavenly Wrath of a Hundred Flowers will be reduced.
  • Mandarin - Auto-attack damage will be reduced.


Black Shrine

  • Requirements for entering the Hidden Dungeon will be reduced.
  • Boss: Kazan-possessed Rosenberg - Damage nullification effect upon encounter will be reduced significantly.



Channel Changes

Merged Channel Tab

  • "Public / Special" tab will be merged into the "Channel" tab.
  • Public and Special channels will now be able to be seen at once in the "Channel" tab.


Channel Adjustments

  • Public Channels that were categorized by Level will now be merged into Area Channels
  • If "Auto-Change Channels" is marked as checked in Settings, you will automatically be moved to a Public Channel of that area upon moving between areas.
  • Hovering your mouse above Public Channels in the "Channel" tab will show the content available in that area.


Auto-Change Channel for Special Content

  • Auto-Change Channel will be added to special content that can only be played in Special Channels.
  • After clearing the entry quest for the special content, a channel change icon will be shown where the content is located.

  • Moving to the area will automatically move you to the Special Channel.
  • Content where Auto-Channel Change is applied are the following.
  • The Night of Revelation, The Exile Mountains, Dark Dimension, The Occulus, Pandemonium War, Pandemonium Meeting
  • You can move by manually selecting a Special Channel in the "Channel" tab as could be done previously.




  • The position for Guild Master can be relegated in the case of a Guild Master's prolonged absence.
    - This process will be enabled after 30 days of no logins of the Guild Master.
    - The standard of 30 days of no logins will be decided according to maintenances on Tuesday.
  • Relegation will be enacted upon the standard being met and the next-in-line guildsman's login.
  • Relegation rules are as follows.
    - The original Guild Master will be demoted to Junior Member after the relegation.
    - Guild Master will be relegated to a character that does not exceed 30 days of no logins.
    - Guild Master will be relegated according to position.
      (Guild Master > Vice-Guild Master > Senior Member >Junior Member)
    - Guild Master will be relegated to the guildsman with the earliest login date if there are multiple candidates with the same position.
    - Guild Master will be relegated to the character with the highest contribution if candidates' login dates are the same.
    - This process will be enacted normally even if the first member to login is the Guild Master.


  • You will not be able to press the Return to Town button if there are items that have not been picked up in The Oculus.


  • The Abandon Mission function will be added to Pandemonium War.


  • Clicking on a blocked Adventurer will show the Reason for Blocking menu.
  • This will be shown when clicked in Raid Group and Party windows as well.


  • Engraving Stones, Wisdom Crystal Fragments, and Wisdom Crystals will be added to the NPC Administrative Officer Dorothy Shop.
  • Refund Pot: Engraving Stone will be added to the Exchange tab.


  • The final total of the added damage of all skills used will be shown in the DPS Analysis.


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