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Hwarang Bihwarang

Azalea, the gate has been opened.
My homeland must be somewhere on the other side of the dimensional rift in that massive storm that has halved the sky.
But looking at the storm,
I've realized that I'll never be able to go back home. My long-cherished wish was futile, even from the beginning.


I still have my duties,
to protect my homeland from the Prophecy,
and carry on your will that you desperately wanted to share with everyone else until you died.


Soldoros headed for Pandemonium while everyone else watched with anticipation and hope.
Some of us, upon hearing about the isolated Apostle, have decided to protect her and the Sky Tower for as long as they can.
I'm among them. Now, I stand here and think
that I'll fight till the end, even if I have to use an Apostle's power. Even if it kills me.
I'll live and die as the warrior and general that my homeland expected of me.


Then, I'll see you again
where the Prophecy is wrong.



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