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Sirocco Challenge Mode

  • The Sirocco Challenge content will be added.

  • This Sirocco Challenge mode is Solo content consisting of the newly improved Sirocco dungeons.
  • You can get various Equipment items and rewards through this content.



Entry Rules

  • Sirocco Challenge consists of Solo dungeons.
  • You can perform them at Level 100 after the Back to Where We Belong quest.
  • You can enter them once a day and twice a week per character, by using up to 3 characters per account.
  • Characters bind to Sirocco Challenge mode once they enter it.
  • Sirocco Challenge doesn't share Play count with Sirocco Raid, Guide, or Squad mode.
  • Your binding status and Weekly Entry count will be reset every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC
  • You can't enter Sirocco Challenge if you don't have enough Weekly Entry count left.
  • Your Daily Entry and Reward count will be reset daily at 09:00 UTC


How to Enter

  • Select Channel: Sirocco Challenge is accessible through the special channels connected to all the Normal areas and West Coast Central Tent.
  • Talk to NPC Knight Robato in the West Coast Central Tent to enter the Sirocco Challenge Lobby.
  • If you move without using the Enter Sirocco Challenge Lobby menu, the Alliance Soldier NPC won't appear.
  • You need the Alliance Soldier NPC in the Sirocco Challenge Lobby to start the mode.
  • 6,157 Exorcism is required to enter.
  • You can't enter Sirocco Challenge without enough Exorcism.
  • You can't start Sirocco Challenge mode while in a party.
  • You can't create or join a party in the Sirocco Challenge Lobby.



Entry Cost

  • No Entry materials are required.
  • This content consumes 30 Fatigue.
  • At least 30 Fatigue is required to enter.


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