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Otherverse 1 Pattern Update

  Castle Nebulous



[Map 1] Kamenai

Kamenai now stops stabbing as soon as all Kaumins are hunted.

[Map 3] Lizard Soul

The number of Lizard Souls has decreased from 3 to 1.
Attacking 3 or more Lizard illusions that includes Lizard Soul makes the Lizard Soul become Invincible. 

[Map 5] Magneus

Kamenai's Mind Control effect has been deleted.
The magnetic field has been relocated to the ground, and its graphic effect has been changed. 

The magnetic field's damage has increased slightly. 

Rangelus' Guerillas



[Map 2] Baulthral

 It now shouts the name of its target.

[Map 4] Indestructible Salvo

Now its bunker is activated whenever a nuclear bomb is dropped.
Its electric wire now stops bullets from supporting fire.
The upper supporting fire has been moved to the uppermost side.

[Boss Map] Gershen Grigun

It now displays dialogue upon casting Record Strong Land Runner.
Its Sleeping gas grenade has been changed to an explosive grenade.
Now G-Detector can be destroyed by attacks, and it starts attacking its target 1 second after its appearance.
A Land Runner that summons Tempesters has been added along with its summon casting bar.
Its Time Bomb count has decreased to 2.

[Boss Map] Geminix the Seductress

It can now cancel the Mind Control effect.

Goblin Kingdom



[Map 2] Clockwork Gleich

Goblins that used to appear from the outside of the map come out of the bunker. More Goblins appear when the bunker is destroyed.
Feed Gleich multiple Goblins at a time, and the gauge increases by just as many points. 

[Map 5] Artillery Officer Udom

Instead of protecting Goblin traps, it now assembles them.
Eliminate Goblin Engineers that try to destroy Goblin traps, and this monster assembles Goblin traps with the components that the Engineers drop.


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