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Otherverse 2 Pattern Update

Dark Side



[Map 2] Despairing Tiamat

Its Cloak of Despair skill has been replaced with Beholder's Aura.

  • Beholder's Aura casts auras around all party members except one. The auras remain on the ground, continuously attacking their targets.
  • Each time the auras attack, Tiamat generates a red bead, and when he has 3 beads, he covers himself with his cloak.
  • Destroy the cloak within the time limit, or all your party members will receive great damage. 

[Map 3] Destructive Berias

 Destruction Ghost's pattern has been updated.

  • The Ghost moves to the pentacle in the map instead of to a character.
  • You can block the Ghost's path and stop it from moving to the pentacle.
  • Once reaching the pentacle, the Ghost continuously heals Berias's HP.

 Berias's armor now shatters when hit.

[Map 4] Horrendous Astaros

 It no longer attacks before teleporting.
 It can be attacked while casting a barrier.

  • The more you hit it, the fewer Dark Souls and Fears of Death it can summon.

 The Fear of Death skill now displays an explosion casting bar. It can be detonated with attacks.

[Map 5] Michael of the Holy Eye

 It now uses the Coin pattern on Single Play mode. (1 damage)
 Its holy light barrier now displays its durability.

[Boss Map] Ozma of Chaos

 Ozma now remains in the center and Invisible until all the seal stones are purged.
 Characters, if they stay in a certain location for a set period, turn into Imposters.

  • Moving to a seal stone cancels the Imposter mode.

 4 seal stones have been added, and they spawn Named monsters when attacked a set number of times.
 The seal stones, when destroyed, change to Purged Seal Stones as the Named monsters that they have spawned disappear.

Castle of Bakal



[Map 2] Itrenok, the Green Dragon

The Berserk pattern has been added.

  •  Berserk: Increases Itrenok's Attack Power, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed, and casts Super Armor at the cost of Defense. Scale Creation cannot be used. The Scale Creation skill now incurs cooldown. 

[Map 4] Numak, the Gold Dragon

Blue columns have been added.

  • The columns temporarily Paralyzes characters on contact.

[Map 5] Ash Core, the Flame Dragon

Ash Core has been relocated to the far right side.
Ice crystals display a different graphic effect upon their creation.

[Boss Map] Bakal, the King of Dragons

It now sends forth a shock wave upon its first transformation.
It pulls characters as it lands, and then casts a shock wave.
The DDR pattern has been deleted, and a new skill has been added in its place.

  • Rocks fall from the ceiling and flames are shot from the ground.

Void Rift



[Map 2] Iron Swaycle

The prison that used to confine party members and Green Patters have been deleted. 

Cubes travel a longer distance at once when hit.
The distance to move the cubes has increased.
Swaycle now decreases character Movement Speed and summons Green Patters. 

[Map 3] Vanis Throck

Its black hole generators and smoke are now generated everywhere across the map.
Vanis now moves around, closing the black hole.
Vanis now also casts the following skills.

  • Select, chase, and attack a target.
  • When it successfully attacks a target, it launches an area-effective Stun attack.

[Map 5] Garmea, Hernion
Venom Mara, Cocozola

A reset timer has been added.
If you fail to clear them within the time limit, they reset the map to the initial status.

[Boss Map] Riftmaster


Time for each phase has been readjusted.
If all party members succeed in the required pattern for the current phase within the time limit, then the next phase is activated.
Succeed in three patterns, and Gaunis dies without activating the last phase.

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