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Story and Skill

"No, I won't put it off any longer!"


The small ball of light she'd created on her palm slowly
dissipated into nothing. The exhausted look on her face
and the sallow tint of her skin indicated she had
lost a lot of energy. She'd lost count of how many times
she accelerated time, creating things and destroying them.


"That was the last possible combination of
rules of time I could try. Do you hear me, Memet?"


Behind her, the air distorted as a giant lion's head appeared out of nowhere. 


"If that's all you wanted to talk about, then I'm leaving."


The lion head threatened her. It had grown weary of this.


"But I've collected enough Time Fragments. I'm ready."


For a moment, the shape of the lion head blurred as if it was about to disappear,
but then it spoke again.


"If you're really ready, then I'll help you realize your latent powers.
You should already know this will be your last chance. If you fail, you'll lose everything."


Time Fragments rose into the air, surrounded by halo of lights.
Finally, a smile appeared on her face.
A light flashed as the Time Fragments became one and absorbed into her body. 
She'd recovered her full power, thanks to Memet and the Time Fragments she collected.


"I'll create my own rules, no matter what!"




New Skills

Icon Skill Name Lv. Skill Description
Mutation 50 Enables the Mutation skills. Air Ball can be used with the left/right mouse button. Increases the max Mutation gauge and Attack.
Air Ball 50 The ball's moving direction and explosion time vary, depending on the monster's location. The better you are at controlling your character, the more powerful this skill. Creates a magical space in front and hits it with a pneumatic orb. You can move the mouse before hitting the space to adjust the orb's direction. The orb, every time it bounces off the space, inflicts damage on enemies it touches and explodes in the end, inflicting great damage on surrounding enemies.
Reenactment 60 Enables the Reenactment skills. Ice Age can be used with the left/right mouse button. Increases the max Reenactment gauge and Attack.
Ice Age 60 A versatile skill whose effects vary, depending on the combat situation; it can attack a large group of monsters, causing weak damage to all of them, or can be used against individual enemies such as Named or Boss monsters to achieve great damage. Reenacts the Ice Age, attacking enemies within its range multiple times, decreasing their elemental resistances. Drag while holding down the left/right button of the mouse to create an ice area along the mouse's direction. The smaller the ice area, the greater its Attack.
Tuning 70 Enables the Tuning skills. Use the left mouse button to set up party buffs and Time Familiar and the right mouse button to activate Link. Increases the max Tuning gauge and Attack.
Link 70 A skill that requires quick thinking and agile controls: you have to maneuver your way through your party members and monsters to activate this skill's effects. Can be used in both single and party play. Left-click party members whom you want to link to you and share the Time Fragment effect with. Up to 4 party members can be linked. The more linked party members there are, the weaker the buff effects. After linking them, right-click to activate a thin red line between linked characters and cause multi-hit damage on enemies that come into contact with the line. Left-click on an empty slot to summon Time Familiar and get help with Linking.
Distortion 80 Enables the Distortion skills. Time Forward can be used with the left/right mouse button. Increases the max Distortion gauge and Attack
Time Forward 80 While in normal dungeons, this skill is useful for clearing chambers as it covers a broad area. For party play, this skill helps Hold monsters, creating attack opportunities for party members. Time Familiar accelerates time for surrounding enemies and makes them age quickly. Time Familiar temporarily Immobilizes enemies, inflicts multi-hit damage, and then explodes itself.
Creation 85 Enables the Creation skills. Use the left/right button of the mouse to cast Creative Space. Increases the max Creation gauge and Attack.


Final Awakening Skill: Creative Space

Icon Skill Name Lv. Skill Description
Creative Space 85 Converts skills that take too long to attack into quick, pure damage-dealing skills for a short period of time. Also adds a powerful finishing blow to compensate their weak damage. Creates a boosting orb imbued with a creative power and temporarily reinforces Fire, Ice, and Wind skills. Every time a reinforced skill is used, the orb is charged with the corresponding elemental power. When the gauge is full or after the orb charge time passes, you can cast this skill again and create a Life Tree in front of you. This Life Tree bears fruits charged with elemental powers. You can use Draw to pick and throw the fruits or use the Jump key to cause an instant explosion.


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