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Priest, Thief


  • Blades of Purity

- Launching strength decreased
- Can no longer attack supine enemies.

  • Spear of Victory

- Attack decision for the spear projectile decreased


  • Deflection Wall

- Y-axis attack range decreased
- The deflection wall no longer Immobilizes enemies in its path as it moves.




  • Star in the Sky

- Enemy-throwing strength increased
- Enemy-launching strength increased
- Enemy's flying speed decreased
- Ricocheted enemies are now launched higher in the air.


  • Piercing the Darkness

- Now causes delay before throwing the amulet.


  • Passion Chakra

- MP cost decreased
- Its buff no longer consume MP for its duration.


  • Luminous Chakra

- MP cost decreased
- Its buff no longer consume MP for its duration.


  • Spinning Cross

- Finishing attack's enemy-throwing strength increased


  • God of Knowledge: Black Tortoise

- The tortoise is now summoned in front of you.



Thief General

  • Slicer

- Atk. -20%

  • Eraser

- No longer enables additional attacks, and has its finishing Atk. adjusted inside the Arena.



Shadow Dancer

  • Shadow Dancer Leather Armor Mastery

- No longer increases Movement Speed.

  • Final Destruction

- Shadow Trip can be used in the middle of this skill only if its attack was successful.


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