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Infinite Difficulty




  • The Infinite Mode System has been implemented. 
  • Infinite Mode is applied to the Otherverse and Ancient Dungeon.

- You can select the first 3 levels of Infinite Mode as freely as you would other difficulty modes.
  a) Level 1: Similar to Otherverse Normal and Ancient Dungeon.
  b) Level 2: Similar to Otherverse Expert.
  c) Level 3: Similar to Otherverse Master and Requiem Dungeon.


- Level 1 is selected by default when you first enter Infinite Mode.
  a) If you enter a dungeon in Infinite Mode more than once, then the last difficulty level you entered is displayed the next time you enter the dungeon.


- After Level 3, you must clear each level to access the next.

- The Difficulty information have been added to the Dungeon Selection screen UI.

- Certain monsters change their attack pattern at higher difficulty levels.


- A time limit is applied after a certain level.
  a) If you exceed the time limit, then you will fail to clear the dungeon and be moved back to town.


- Certain Equipment Item effects are disabled, depending on the difficulty level.
  a) Example: Item options that decrease monster HP in percentage terms have their activation chance lowered, depending on the difficulty level.


- The following item effects decrease at higher difficulty levels.
  a) Armor Destruction
  b) Monster Defense decrease (%)


「Join Infinite Mode and challenge higher difficulty levels. You'll find yourself growing stronger as you move up the levels, one by one.
Item options that decrease monster HP in percentage terms become stronger as monsters' HP and Defense increase at higher difficulty levels.
We've decided to restrict the effects of such items because, while items are part of the fun in playing the game, they shouldn't have negative influence on the game modes and their purposes.
We will continue to evaluate and adjust item options, item/skill combinations, and gameplay conditions that are disruptive to Infinite Mode. Note that such adjustments are only applied to this specific mode and not other dungeons.」


  • The following rewards are applied to Infinite Mode.

- Otherverse: Named/Boss monsters have a higher chance of dropping Chronicle Set items at higher difficulty levels.
- Ancient Dungeon: Lower Clearance count to open the Ancient Gate and a higher chance of dropping Quest Legendary


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