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Training Center

  • Now Giant Nugol EX, when summoned in the Training Center, does not counterattack in its default mode.
  • Max HP for all the monsters in the Training Center has increased.
  • Giant Nugol EX in the Training Center now has the Bleeding/Poison/Shock Tolerances that befit the Raid monster.



Creating Epic Euipment & Grandis's Shop

  • The Unique and lower Souls used for creating Epic equipment in the Epic Book have been combined into Legendary Souls.

Old: Epic Pieces, Common Souls, Uncommon Souls, Rare Souls, Unique Souls, Legendary Souls, and Epic Souls required

New: Epic Souls, Legendary Souls, and Epic Souls required


  • The Refund tab has been added to the NPC Grandis's shop.

- You can now buy Challenges, Invitation Stacks, Grandis's Sub Equipment, and Magic Stone Refund Pots.


  • The number of materials required for Transcending equipment has decreased.

- Souls, High Grade Elemental Crystals, Epic Fragments, etc.



New NPC, Red Tail Jonathan

  • A new merchant NPC, Red Tail Jonathan, has been added to the road between the Pandemonium Outpost and Central Park.


  • Jonathan handles the following items.

- Sells and buy Terraniums (for Gold).

- Sells products (for Refined Terraniums).


  • Items sold by Jonathan will have daily purchase limit.
  • Jonathan Reinforcement has been added.

- You can now reinforce your equipment with Refined Terraniums.


  • Below are the Terranium price details for Jonathan’s shop.



Buy Terraniums

Requires 10,138 Gold/Up to 2,800 count

Sell Terraniums

8,111 Gold/Up to 120 count


  • Below are the items that can be exchanged for Refined Terranium.



Demon Invitation Pouch

Requires 9 Refined Terraniums/Up to 30 count can be purchased.

Powerful Energy Bag

Requires 10 Refined Terraniums/Up to 4 count can be purchased.

Interdimensional Fragment Box

Requires 3 Refined Terraniums/Up to 1 count can be purchased.

Ancient Kingdom Gold Coin Pouch

Requires 3 Refined Terraniums/Up to 1 count can be purchased.

Glowing Terranite Pouch

Requires 3 Refined Terraniums/Up to 1 count can be purchased.

Vengeful Residual Reflection Pouch

Requires 3 Refined Terraniums/Up to 1 count can be purchased.

Impostor Report Pouch

Requires 3 Refined Terraniums/Up to 1 count can be purchased.

Counter Spell: Cure of the Deep Sea Pouch

Requires 3 Refined Terraniums/Up to 1 count can be purchased.

Black Gem Pouch

Requires 3 Refined Terraniums/Up to 1 count can be purchased.

Romantic Horizon Pouch

Requires 3 Refined Terraniums/Up to 1 count can be purchased.



The Returner Custom Program

  • The Returner Custom Program has been added.

- A Scenario dungeon for returning users has been added.

- Tokker, a 4-week guide system, has been added to help returning users re-acclimate.



Scenario Quests

- The number of Scenario quests that take place in dungeons before the Power Station has decreased.

- You no longer have to repeatedly clear a small number of dungeons to progress farther in Scenario mode.

- EXP rewards from quests have been adjusted to match the decreased number of quests.



Reconstruction weapons

  • Exclusive Enchanting Beads of different elements have been added for the Reconstruction weapons.

- You can buy them from the NPC Hunter Von in Metro Center.

- Price: 250 Purification Stones



Ande's Shop in the Guild dungeon

  • The following changes have been made to Court Supplier Ande's Shop in the Guild dungeon.

- Crystallized Chaos Box has been removed from the product list.

- The number of Demon Invitations in Demon Invitation Boxes have increased to 60.



Attack Unit UI

  • The Look for Attack Unit UI has been updated partially.

- The Auto Refresh button has been deleted and relocated.

- Newly created Attack Units now appear in the list only if you refresh the list.

- Click Refresh or a category button, and you will be returned to Page 1 as the list is refreshed.


  • A profanity filter is now applied to Attack Unit names.
  • You can no longer use Character Renaming Tickets while in an Attack Unit.



Dark Elf Ruins

  • Dark Elf Ruins clearance reward will be changed..




Temple Entrance

Endless Eternity Box

Endless Eternity Box

Ancient Stone of the Ruins


Powerful Energy Box

Powerful Energy Box

Otherverse Stone of the Ruins

Inner Temple

Magic Enchanting Material Box

Magic Enchanting Material Box

Holy Stone of the Ruins

- The materials will be deleted on JUN 13, 09:00 UTC.



Weekly Challenge

  • Following changes will be made to Weekly Challenge.

- FRI/SAT mission dungeons will be changed.

   <Before> FRI: Guild Dungeon, SAT: Mt. Kulun

   <After> FRI: Mt. Kulun, SAT: Guild Dungeon



CERA Shop Related

  • Reinforcement/Amplify Protection tickets will now be available for purchase in CERA Shop.
  • Knight/Demonic Lancer’s skin avatars have been updated.
  • Master Kaleido Box can now be purchased with Kaleido Boxes in Seria’s Shop.



Other Changes

  • Screenshots are now saved in JPEG (.jpg) format.
  • Certain attack patterns that the Gakle monsters in the Time Square dungeon use have been made a bit easier.
  • Glutton Daru in the Epiphany dungeon no longer absorbs skills.
  • The Up and Down buttons have been added to the World Map.
  • The Anton Raid/Luke Normal Limited quests are now added to Quest Guide when you enter dungeons.
  • Elfie's Fatigue Recovery has been renamed Elfie's Mana Restorative.
  • The Move to Guild Channel menu can now only be used in town.
  • Soul Bender's Supporter skill, Kalla of Dark Flame, has been changed to Dark Flame Sword.
  • The Confusion status effect has been updated.

- You can no longer attack ally objects while Confused.

- Confused monsters can no longer attack the others.

  • Neutral independent objects now follow their summoners' weapon attribute for their attack attribute.
  • Hidden quests have been added.
  • The Dungeon Book - Faming Dungeon tab now includes the Tower of Despair guide.
  • Simona's shop now features a button at the bottom that is linked to the Dungeon Book.
  • The Account Content Info menu in the Character Selection screen has been renamed Explorer Club Content Info.
  • Radius is now the standard measurement used in the tooltip for Aura, Tile, Grenade, and other skills with a circular range. (Skill effects are not affected by this change.)
  • Blocked guildsmen's messages no longer appear in the Guild Chat window.
  • Flavor text has been added to the Level 90 Epic Accessory set, Sky Traveler.
  • The Rogue's 9-piece Constant Attack set no longer increases Clear Cube cost.
  • Party members' UI spacings have been adjusted.
  • Heavenly HP Potion and Divine Revival Formula now display their inapplicable dungeons in a more simplified way.
  • Heartbeat Megaphone’s level restriction has been changed to 30.
  • Some of the background image in Kartel Supply Camp, Organization: The Kartel and Slaugh Industrial Complex will be changed.
  • Daily quests for Mt. Kulun will be removed.

- 'Refined Dimensional Crystal' can no longer be obtained..

- The mateirals will be deleted on JUN 13, 09:00 UTC.

  • Mt. Kulun will now be considered Optimal Level Dungeons at level 90.
  • Conqueror's Contract no longer affects weapon rental in Neo Premium Contract.


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