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Exorcism System

Exorcism System

  • Exorcism is now applied to all Equipment items except for Titles.

- Equipment's Level and rarity affect its Exorcism.
- Exorcism can be increased through reinforcement, boosting, and refining.

a) If reinforcement and refining are used at the same time, then only the highest amount of Exorcism available through those enhancements is applied. 
b) Reinforcement and boosting add the same amount of Exorcism.


  • Exorcism is now required to enter the Otherverse and the Ancient Dungeon. 

- Dungeon Exorcism Requirement

a) Otherverse: Lv. 70 Rare equipment (11 parts)
b) Ancient Dungeon: Lv. 85 Unique weapon and Lv. 85 Rare/Lv. 70 Chronicle equipment (10 parts)
c) Each dungeon requires a set amount of Exorcism, regardless of its difficulty level.


  • The Exorcism's effects have been changed.

- If your Exorcism is higher than a dungeon's Exorcism requirement, then your outgoing damage increases and your incoming damage decreases.
- The higher the gap between your Exorcism and a dungeon's, the greater the benefits you’ll receive.
- If your Exorcism is lower than a dungeon's Exorcism requirement, then your outgoing damage decreases and your incoming damage increases.

a) Max 30% decrease in outgoing damage
b) Max 70% increase in incoming damage


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