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Blade Master

  • Charge Crash

- The shoulder attack's Immobility effect no longer ignores Hit Recovery.

  • Illusion Sword Dance

- Now causes a set amount of delay before the multi-slash attack, regardless of weapon type.
- Delay before the multi-slash attack has been adjusted.
- Rear range for the multi-slash, upward slash, and spirit sword attacks has decreased.
- The upward slash now only pushes enemies forward.
- Short Swords decrease the max spirit sword Atk. -20%.



Soul Bender

  • Tombstone

- Casting time decreased (0.5 sec. → 0.4 sec.)
- X-axis attack range decreased
- Y-axis attack range decreased
- Z-axis attack range decreased

  • Kalla of Dark Flame

- Flame Atk. +88%

  • Dark Flame Sword

- No longer requires Clear Cube Fragments.




  • Wave Cancellation

- Its cooldown no longer increases abnormally.
   a) Lv. 1 cooldown has decreased, but Lv. 21 cooldown is the same as before.
- No longer casts Super Armor after the attack phase.

  • Wave Manifestation Brand

- Casting Speed increase decreased (45% → 30% at Lv. 24)



Dark Templar

  • Destroyer

- Atk. -25%

  • Black Mirror

- Now decreases the Dark Templar's Movement Speed for the mirror barrier's duration. (-10%)


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