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  • Minions General
       - All the Summoner's minions now deliver Magic attacks.


  • Eclipse's Hive
     - Learning Level changed (Lv. 2 → Lv. 3)
     - Skill abilities adjusted according to the Learning Level update (based on Character Lv. 90 and Eclipse's Hive Lv. 8)
       - Minion summon duration reduction fixed to 5%


  • Item option application rules for the Minion skills and related skills changed 
      - Damage Increase/Critical Damage Increase/Bonus Damage item options now applied to minions 
      - Aura-type Item/Buff effects no longer stack twice.


  • Summon Skills General
     - Summon skill Casting Time -30%
     - Minion survivability improved


  • Greater Spirit: Aquarius
     - Its ice missile shot count no longer abnormally decreases when your Attack Speed exceeds a certain amount.
       - Hepta ice missile pre-casting delay decreased


  • Contract: Conqueror Kasijas
     - Kasijas's attack attribute changed (Physical → Magic)
       - HP cost decreased
       - No longer increases Special Option HP cost at Lv. 6.
       - Death Bringer Dance pre-casting delay decreased


  • Wait!

- Minions now stand still for this skill's duration.
- Mark the Target! no longer causes continuous damage for this skill's duration.
- The Moonshade can no longer explode for this skill's duration.


  • Legendary Summon: The Moonshade

- Transferred to a stronger minion first.
- No longer consumes HP upon explosion, but upon transfer only.
- The Moonshade can no longer be summoned twice.


  • Contract: Black Knight Sandor

- No longer costs Gold for its summoning.


  • Contract: Furious Knight Sandor

- No longer costs Gold for its summoning. 
- Now costs 2 Clear Cube Fragments for its summoning.


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