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  • Rogue Leather Armor Mastery
     - No longer increases Physical Critical damage.


  • Shining Cut
     - Atk. +42%


  • Double Piercer
     - Atk. +31%


  • Bandit Cut
     - Atk. +31%


  • Chain Saw
     - Atk. +16%


  • Hurricane
     - Atk. +19%


  • Vertical Spiral
     - Atk. +50%


  • Lightning Arrow
     - Atk. -27%


  • Sonic Assault
     - Atk. +19%
        - Multi-hit speed increased slightly


  • Excel Strike
     - Atk. +27%


  • Silver Stream

- Now cooldown: 145 sec. and duration: 150 sec.
- Its buff can no longer be canceled by Hit End.
- Hit End Atk. +38% → +160%
- Its finishing structure has been updated in such a way that it's no longer affected by Hit End.
   a) Atk. re-balanced
- Its Critical Atk. Increase option is now multiplied.
- Now adds Super Armor when cast.
- Finishing Atk. +11%
- Skills no longer collect an abnormal amount of Hit Points when used after Normal attacks.
- Finishing attack now affected by Attack Speed


  • Chain Saw Rush
     - Atk. +30%
       - Now automatically delivers a downward cut after the spinning blade attack.


  • Aslant Spiral
     - Atk. +31%


  • Exotic Rampant
     - Atk. +31%


  • Nova Remnant

- Atk. +50%
- The 6-bubble Hit End effect for Daggers is no longer activated when you cast Nova Remnant with a dagger and then switch to Dual Blades.
- The herding speed at the beginning has increased slightly.


  • Sword Dance

- Atk. +3%
- Now activates Hit End properly.


  • Moon Arc

- Critical Atk. increase option added (+40% at Lv. 15)
- Buff duration fixed to 30 sec.


  • Recording Attack Speed past a certain amount no longer shortens Hit End input duration for a subsequent attack.

- Shining Cut, Sword Dance, Sonic Assault, and Excel Strike


  • Hit Bleed

- Excel Links's options merged with Hit Bleed's
   a) Now an Active skill
- The old Hit Bleed effects remain as Passive effects.
- The old Excel Links effects are merged with this skill's Active effects.
- The old Hit Bleed's Atk. Increase buff duration increased to 30 sec.
- Hit Bleed's Active effect, Hit Point collection, now improves according to its skill level.


  • Excel Links

- Skill deleted. Its effects merged with Hit Bleed's.


  • New Active: Distribution

- A new Lv. 80 Active skill
- Charges forward, slashing at enemies with speed of light.


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