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Ancient Dungeon

Ancient Dungeon

  • The Ancient Dungeon and Requiem Dungeon have been merged.

- The merged dungeon is now called the Ancient Dungeon.
- The use of Supporters is restricted inside this merged dungeon.
- The Ancient Dungeon entry fee is applied to this merged dungeon.
- Quest materials for the Ancient Dungeon and Requiem Dungeon have been merged.
- The Requiem Dungeon standards are applied to the required Quest Material quantities and rewards.
- Items dropped by monsters in the Ancient Dungeon and Requiem Dungeon have been merged.
- Requiem challenges have been deleted from the Daily Challenge list.


  • All the dungeons in the Ancient Dungeon consume 6 Stamina upon entry.


  • The following is applied to the Ancient Gate. 

- Quest Legendary item drop standards have been changed.

a) Deleted is the restriction that prevented Quest Legendary items from being dropped after the first Ancient Gate of the day. 
b) Quest Legendary items are now dropped in the Ancient Gate throughout the day. 

- The Ancient Gate Visibility application standard has been changed from party to individual character.

a) Characters who do not meet the Ancient Gate Visibility requirement cannot obtain Ancient Gate rewards. 

- Party play has been deleted from the Ancient Gate's appearance conditions. The gate can now appear, even if you are not in a party. 

- Your Ancient Gate Visibility information no longer disappears when you change channel or character. 

- Your Ancient Gate Visibility information is reset daily at 09:00 a.m. (UTC). 


- Ancient Gate rewards are no longer dropped from the Guardian monsters. Instead, they are added to the Dungeon Clearance Results cards.


- No change has been made to the Ancient Gate rewards.

- The Ancient Gate Visibility UI has been updated.

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