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Damage-type Abnormal Status Effects Update

  • Activation rates and Atk. formulas for the Damage-type Abnormal Status effects (Bleeding, Poison, Burn, Shock, and Burn) will be updated. Atk. will be deleted from the Petrification effect. The following is only applied to the Damage-type Abnormal Status effects.
    - Levels and Tolerances will be removed.
    - Their activation rates will no longer be affected by the Level difference between you and your target. Their damage will no longer be affected by Tolerances.
    - Their Atk. formulas will be changed to percentage and Independent Atk. form.
       ㄴ The new form depends on your character's Atk. type.
            Example: The Berserker's Bleeding Atk. will be changed to Independent Atk.
       ㄴ Their Bonus Damage, Critical, Attributes, and other effects for item options and other features will be updated accordingly.
    - Bleeding no longer increases damage on moving characters.
    - Refining no longer increases Abnormal Status Atk.
    - Dungeons, items, and characters related to these Damage-type Abnormal Status effects will be re-balanced accordingly.


Abnormal Statuses Updates

  • According to this Damage-type Abnormal Status Effects update, Poison, Bleeding, Burn, and Shock levels will be deleted from character skills.
  • The skill options that affect Damage-type Abnormal Status levels or Tolerances will be deleted.
  • The Damage-type Abnormal Status effects' Atk. will be updated.


All Characters Common

  • Monsters, if defeated by Abnormal Status attacks, Spiral Nen, Murderous Wave, or other attacks that do not cause Stun, will now be sent flying a shorter distance and at lower altitude.
  • Item options and tooltip information will be updated according to the Damage-type Abnormal Status Effects update.
    - Item's Damage-type Abnormal Status attacks (Bleeding, Poison, Shock, and Burn) will no longer be affected by your character stats.
    - Item's Damage-type Abnormal Status effects' levels will be removed.
    - Petrification will no longer attack upon expiration.
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