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New Town : Harlem


  • Max Level Increased
    The Maximum Character Level will be increased from 90 to 95.


  • New Village: Black Market
    - A new village, the Black Market, will be added to Pandemonium.
    - A bleak village that serves as an outpost for the war against the Kashipas. Located in the outskirts of Harlem, it's safe from the Kashipas' attention and a favorite hiding place for runaway slaves.
    It's past the Wasteland and the Corrupt Forest from Central Park.

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New NPCs

New NPCs will be added to the Black Market.

Name Image Description
Ceberin A woman of unknown age who harbors extreme hatred toward the Kashipas. Her not-so-friendly personality may or may not have been a side effect from the torture she underwent at the hands of the Kashipas.
She doesn't reveal much about her past, but she seems to be knowledgeable in magic and Kashipa. Sometimes, she also shows hostility toward random strangers.
Cobb A boy who grew up in Harlem as a slave. He knows nothing about his lineage.
He never received a proper education, so he lets his survival instinct and deep-rooted slave conditioning guide him.
He's not above acting cowardly if need be, but he still has his own sense of justice and loyalty, as well as an innocence that matches his age.
Pumpkin Ball A cat-type Half-breed who lives in the Black Market.
He doesn't have much ambition, honor, courage, or even enthusiasm for life, which is how he has survived and even thrived in the hellhole that's Harlem.
Strawberry Nose Della One of the merchants in the Black Market, she relies on the magical tidbits she knows and her rather dubious fortune-telling skills to make her living.
Originally from outside Harlem, she has a reputation for her surprisingly effective potions and less than correct fortune readings.
Timothy He was born in a hamlet somewhere in Harlem and has lived all his life either running away from or being cheated by others.
An encounter with an outsider opened his eyes to the world of adventures and made him dream about joining it.


Normal Dungeons

  • 6 new Normal dungeons (Border Town, Total Eclipse, Dark City, District 9, Royal Casino, and Fight Club) will be added.
  • The Harlem Area Scenario Dungeon cinematics cannot be auto-skipped when they are opened for the first time (per account).
  • Esc can be used to skip them (in both Solo/Party play).
Dungeon Image
Border Town
  • Lv. 90 - 93
  • Boss Monster: Demon Sworder Chermak
  • A village on the border of Harlem that caters toward slave hunters. Runaway slaves who got caught are locked up in iron cages while awaiting their punishment.
Total Eclipse
  • Lv. 90 - 93
  • Boss Monster: Zealous Dieuleve
  • A big market in Harlem where all kinds of goods are being traded. Products from everywhere in Pandemonium can be found here. Elementals, Half-breed skin, animal carcasses, and even living Pandemonians and Half-breeds are being traded in its hidden, dark corners. Kashipa's source of funds.
Dark City
  • Lv. 91 - 94
  • Boss Monster: Soul Keeper Mondegreen
  • Built where darkness prevails, Dark City is inhabited by those who are not yet accustomed to the light that started shining in Pandemonium. It's also popular among Pandemonians who seek refuge from the terror of the Kashipas.
District 9
  • Lv. 91 - 94
  • Boss Monster: Silver Light Tagor
  • The worst of all prisons in Pandemonium that house mages who were caught using forbidden dangerous spells with irreversible consequences and Pandemonians who are infected by terranite. Here, the prisoners are forced to work in the terranite mine.
Royal Casino
  • Lv. 91 - 95
  • Boss Monster: Trauma Yom
  • Most of the money in Pandemonium passes through here. Inside this brightly lit casino building, countless people forfeit their money—and even their lives—in gambling.
Fight Club
  • Lv. 91 - 95
  • Boss Monster: ???
  • A special stage built with Kashipa's earnings from the Royal Casino. Here, fighters fight for money, honor, or even the lives of those they love, surrounded by a bloodthirsty audience.



  • Boss/Named monster cards for the Harlem Area Normal dungeons will be added.
  • You can get Terraniums from the Terranium Chest objects inside the new dungeons.
  • Monsters in the new dungeons create a chance of dropping Seeds of Birth.
  • Harlem dungeon bosses have a small chance to drop Rift Sensor Stones and Rift Response Stones when defeted.
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