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Harlem Hell Party, Sky Rift

Harlem Area Hell Party

  • Hell Party will be added to the Normal dungeons in the Harlem area.
  • You can enter this mode after completing the Hell Party Ep 6. Signs of a Strange Phenomenon quest.
  • This quest appears, regardless of your Character Level, when you complete all the Epic quests in the Harlem area.
  • Costs 30 Demon Invitations per entry.


  • The Temporal Altar will be added to the maps where Hell Party monsters appear.
  • You can set up Epic Wishes at this Temporal Altar.
  • Defeat all the Hell Party monsters, and the Temporal Altar portal will be activated, so that you can go back to the Dungeon Selection screen.
  • For parties, you can go back to the screen if all your party members obtained all the items dropped from Hell Party monsters and are at the portal.


  • Harlem Hell Party offers the following items.
Item Details
Level 90 Epic Set Equipment Level 90 Epic set equipment dropped in Metro Center.
Level 95 Harlem Area Epic Equipment Epic Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Special Equipment dropped in the Harlem area
Sky's Legacy Weapon Sky's Legacy Weapon available at Tayberrs.
Aberrant Fragment Can be exchanged for Aberrant Crystallines at Black Market NPC Strawberry Nose Della's shop.
Harlem Hell Orb Generates Demon Invitations.
Epic Soul Used for shopping at the NPC Grandis' shop, Transcending equipment, and the Epic Book.
Demon Invitation A material required for entering Hell Party.
  • The Hell Party dungeon's Party Share rules will be updated.
  • If all your party members use Hell Party Invitations (or Hell Party Free Passes) to enter Hell Party, items will be dropped for each member.
  • This change will be applied to all the Hell Party dungeons in game.
  • This individual drop rule is not applied to the Hell Party that randomly occurs during party play.


  • Hell Party Gabriel's Epic Fragment Exchange Shop will now offer 5 Epic Fragments of your choice for 1 Epic Soul instead of Epic Fragments.
  • Every time you meet Hell Party Gabriel, you can select this or the existing Fragment Exchange menu to make one exchange.



Harlem Area Hell Party - Sky Rift

  • Sky Rift mode will be added to Harlem Hell Party.
  • 1 of the Harlem Hell Party dungeons will be randomly changed to this Sky Rift mode.
  • This random selection will be renewed daily at 09:00 UTC
  • The Sky Rift dungeon cannot be entered on Normal Hell Party mode.
  • The Hell Party that randomly occurs during party play will be activated on Normal Hell Party mode, even inside the Sky Rift dungeon.
  • You can enter the Sky Rift dungeon after completing the A Rift in the Sky quest.
  • This quest appears after Hell Party Ep 6. Signs of a Strange Phenomenon.
  • This dungeon requires 30 Hell Party Invitations (or Hell Party Free Passes) and 2 Rift Sensor Stones.


  • On Sky Rift mode, only level 95 Epic items will be dropped.
  • On Sky Rift mode, some Tayberrs Named monsters appear along with Hell Party monsters and will drop additional items.
Item Details
Tayberrs Epic Equipment Epic Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Special Equipment dropped in the Tayberrs dungeon
Sky Card Album A Consumable that randomly generates a Tayberrs Legend dungeon Boss/Named monster card.
Rift Sensor Stone Box Contains 20 Rift Sensor Stones


  • If you clear Sky Rift, Tayberrs Epic materials will now be additionally dropped, depending on the difficulty level.
    - Sky Wishes are always dropped.
    - Sky Fragments are dropped sometimes.
Difficulty Sky Wish
Sky Fragment
Normal 2 2
Expert 3 3
Master 4 4
King 4 4
Slayer 5 5
  • Level 95 Tayberrs Epic Fragments can be exchanged at Sky Rift Mode Gabriel's Epic Fragment Exchange Shop.
  • Tayberrs Epic Fragments can only be exchanged at this Gabriel's Epic Fragments Exchange Shop that only appears in Sky Rift mode.
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