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Disaster Sector

Disaster Sector

  • The Disaster Sector dungeon will be added to the Harlem area.
  • You can enter this mode after completing the Side Story: Della's Ominous Reading quest.
  • The Disaster Sector has 3 different difficulty levels. A higher level is unlocked when you clear a lower one.
  • If you enter the Disaster Sector, you will randomly play the following Normal dungeons.
    - Border Town, Total, Dark City, District 9, and Royal Casino
Content Description
Exorcism Disaster Level 1: 4000
Disaster Level 2: 4760
Disaster Level 3: 5000
Fatigue Points Cannot enter if you have below 8 Fatigue.
Fatigue cost per map increases with the difficulty level.
  • Disaster Level 1: 1 Fatigue per map
  • Disaster Level 2: 2 Fatigue per map
  • Disaster Level 3: 3 Fatigue per map
※ Once you enter the dungeon, you can move to new maps even if you do not have enough Fatigue left.
Party Parties allowed


  • When you enter this dungeon, 9 kinds of disasters will randomly occur.
  • Earthquake, energy explosions, meteors, Poisonous insects, Stunning insects, tornadoes, cold snaps, shadow encroachment, and shadow groups
  • Each disaster kind creates different graphic/systemic effects.


  • Destroy the objects displayed on your mini-map, and the disaster warning level inside the dungeon will decrease.


  • The lower the warning level, the weaker the disaster effects.


  • You can get the following items, depending on the Disaster Level.
Difficulty Reward
Disaster Level 1 Tainted Energy
Disaster Level 2 Aberrant Fragment
Disaster Level 3 Sky Wish
  • The higher the Disaster Level, the more the Terraniums you can get.
  • Destroy more of those small Disaster objects in the maps to get more Terraniums.
  • You can collect your Terraniums only in the Boss Monster map.
  • In case of party play, Terraniums are dropped for each member.
  • The Disaster Sector has 2 types of Clearance Results Card: Normal and Gold.
  • The Gold Card has a low chance of appearing.
  • The Gold Card generates more Gold than the Normal Card.
  • The more maps you clear, the higher your chance of getting the Gold Clearance Results Card.
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